The Curve Fashion Review

As a Plus Size woman, I’m always on the lookout for new Plus Size Fashion brands as I find it quite difficult to find clothes that accommodate for my figure, and most importantly, clothes that last more than a couple washes. Recently The Curve, a brand new Luxury Plus Size Clothing Company got in touch and I jumped at the chance to review their collection. Being a new brand means they only have a small collection, but what a daring and stylish collection it is. Mainly leather, black, and white, means you’ll definitely find a statement pieces amongst them.


The Curve, fashion, plus size clothing
The Curve only seem to cater for the smaller sizes of Plus Size from 14-22. I choose the Walk in and Wow Lace dress in a 22, I was warned that the sizes had come up a little small, which I could definitely feel as the detached flesh toned underlay that came with it, felt like a very small 20. However, the quality of this dress is absolutely incredible, for £70 you definitely get what you pay for. I am aiming on making myself fit into this dress comfortably, but an easier fix would be to just buy a bigger underlay. I even teamed it with a little black vest and already, I felt much more comfortable and felt a lot slimmer. I really love this dress, lace is probably my favourite.

I also got the So Me! Skater Skirt, as a big fan of skater skirts, it looked too adorable to miss out on. I found that the 22 in this was very true to size. Pleats aren’t the most flattering on my shape, however with a belt, and jacket, the skater skirt looks fantastic. Again, the quality at £38 is also incredible, it feels expensive and is very comfortable. It’s quite a heavy skirt, with a zipper at the back, so I can imagine it being good in the wind, nobody wants their skirt to fly up! I also love the detailing cutout on the bottom of the skirt.

I’m beyond impressed with the quality of clothing, and the collection looks fantastic. I’m really excited to see how this brand develops and other collections that come out. If you’re on the smaller side of Plus Size and wanting a trendy new look, I definitely recommend looking at The Curve Fashion.