The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range

I must admit that it wasn’t until walking into The Body Shop, with all the beautiful decorations and festive products, that I finally came to terms that it is in fact Christmas very soon. The Body Shop have decided to not only make a very popular beauty advent calendar that people could buy, but they’re also running a blogger calendar of blogger’s top picks for Christmas! I absolutely love this idea and I’m thrilled to be able to kick things off with products from an absolutely incredible new range, Wild Argan Oil.


The Wild Argan Oil range not only sounds amazing but the argan nuts are sourced from Morocco from The Body Shop’s six co-operatives, which means all the products are completely Fair Trade. The Body Shop recently visited the co-operatives and there’s a video of their travels on the product pages, you can see all the hard work from the women who make the argan oil and how by working with The Body Shop, their lives have improved and independence has increased. It’s nice to know that not only will you be purchasing a beautiful product, that so much hard work has gone into just one ingredient too.
The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil RangeThe Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range
My picks of this range include the Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath, at £8 for 250ml. Being obsessed with my bubble baths meant that I literally could not resist this long enough to take a photo and I just had to try it out first. It created the most luxurious and heavenly bubbles that I struggled to actually leave my bath. I’v already purchased another bottle as my Christmas definitely needs Argan filled baths.
Being a lover of baths means that I appreciate a good scrub, and what an amazing one this is. The Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub, at £13 for 200ml, slightly blew my mind with how rough but moisturising it is. Normally The Body Shop’s scrubs are pretty incredible, and every year I stock up (I actually STILL have some from last year), so I was really pleased to see them sticking to an amazing quality. The exfoliating pieces are small enough to really buff the skin and lift away dead skin cells, whilst the Fair Trade Argan oil ensures that your skin stays smooth and perfected. Of course, the tub is virtually gone and there’s no doubt about it that I will be repurchasing.
The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range
A product that made me seriously happy to see is the Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil, at £8 for 50g. Everyone always raved about Argan oil, but it’s rare that you actually just have the oil laying around for all its multiple uses. I love putting this through the ends of my hair or just caking my skin in a thick layer before skin. It’s 70% Solid Oil which means it does sit on top of the skin a little, but if your skin needs it, then this is probably one of the best investments you could make as it’s going to last a very long time. I’ve even started using it on my eyebrows and eyelashes to nourish them and help them grow!
I severely doubt that anyone would just be picking one thing up from The Body Shop this year, as they’ve really outdone themselves with everything, but if you are, definitely check out the Argan range. I’m a massive ran and look forward to continuing to moisturise and soften my skin.
*Products were sent to review, but as always, I have gave my complete honest opinions. This range is flipping fantastic and everyone needs to try it.