The Body Edit

After Cleansers, Toners and Moisturisers, it’s time for The Body Edit! I love my scrubs but it’s not often that I write about them as often I am too busy using them instead, the same goes for bubble bath really, I think I’m part mermaid. Bath products are basically my weakness and I will never say no to trying something out during bath time.
The Calcot Manor The Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub from Tesco Beauty recently blew me away. Sea salt scrubs are always my favourites because they’re a lot harsher than most, but most sea salt scrubs now come with an uber silky layer that moisturises your skin when you add water. This reminds me a lot of the Sanctuary set, which is probably double the price (it’s currently unavailable on the website, so I guess it’s around £6?). The Lazy evening gentle salt scrub from Calcot Manor is an absolute delight to use. The natural sea salt will exfoliate the skin and it contains chamomile oil that will soften the skin and make it feel moisturised.
Another scrub with an equally exfoliating texture is the Australian Bodycare’s Exfoliating Body Wash around £10. It’s a beautifully harsh scrub that doesn’t leave the skin with a silky layer, instead you feel just softer and buffed to perfection. I honestly used this scrub up in around a week as I really adored it. I can’t say it made my skin look amazing as that would definitely take more time, but it’s a fantastic scrub to rub on and wash off with ease and without turning your bath into a slippery death trap.
If you’re not the type for ridiculously harsh scrubs and already have beautifully soft skin, something like Along Came Betty Skin Buffer Say You Scrub Me at £3.99, will probably be more up your street. It’s a very beautiful smelling scrub that is more for a very quick polish than a proper buff. It does foam up quite quickly, even without water, which I found really strange. Although it’s enjoyable to use, it’s mainly in my bathroom because it’s a pretty bottle and not because I reach for it constantly. Oddly, it’s really lovely to use on armpits where other scrubs are too harsh.
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Finally, Along Came Betty Bath Soak So Much Bubble for £3.99, which is also from Tesco, was used up almost immediately. After working at Lush, I must admit I have a soft spot for colourful baths so having a bright purple bubble bath is definitely for me. Although it doesn’t leave too much colour, unless you pour too much in like I do. The bubble bath foams, but it actually makes the water feel a little silky too, which normally foaming products do not.
What products have you been loving in your bathroom lately?
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