Testing Different Skincare Routines from Bioskin, Vitage, and Bandi Cosmetics

She Might Be Loved has had a massive influx of companies wanting me to test out skincare, and the only reason why I say yes to so many is simply because you never know when you’re going to find that one product that really stands out from the rest. I don’t often believe the hypes that companies give their products, as we all know it’s going to be the ‘best’ because they want to sell it. So, when I review skincare, it does tend to take an awful long time. It’s a good thing in my eyes though, as it means I won’t just put something on my hand and say it’s amazing.

Testing Different Skincare Routines from Bioskin, Vitage, and Bandi Professional

I’ve been testing different skincare routines from Bioskin, Vitage, Bandi Professional and Freedom Makeup. The first brand I am going to talk about is Bioskin. It’s always hard to remember exactly what that first email said about the products when they come through the door days or sometimes weeks later, as more often than not, the excitement takes over and you try them out first rather than reading up about them. Well, that’s how it is for me anyway. I’d rather see what a product actually does, than read about what it should. In this case, Bioskin was super impressive in the shower. Great at removing makeup as it sort of foamed up, I say ‘sort of’ as it’s not a really heavy and super drying foam, but more of a ‘eat your makeup away’ and leave your skin feeling a tad dry foam. The body cleanser is pretty much the same, it makes you feel clean with the foaming but Bioskin does so much more.
Bioskin is actually developed to help dry skin conditions, even eczema and dermatitis, and has recently been featured in the Daily Mail for clearing up a child’s skin so dramatically. Of course, it has no ‘steroids, SLS, parabens, lanolin, phthalates, antibiotics and paraffin’ and the foaming issue and dryness from the cleansers makes it absolutely fantastic on my oilier skin and indeed, break out less. The Moisturising products are thankfully actually moisturising, but not on the level I would have expected they’re really lightly moisturising. Bioskin ranges from £9.99 – £16.99 from www.salcuraskincare.com

Testing Different Skincare Routines from Bioskin, Vitage, and Bandi Professional Testing Different Skincare Routines from Bioskin, Vitage, and Bandi Professional

A couple months ago I took part in Vitage’s Skincare Challenge (available at Effortless Skin and Courthouse Clinics) to only use their products for a month, and although I did cheat here and there whilst traveling as I simply couldn’t fit in a 5 step routine in my bag, I did for the most part stick to it. Another foaming cleanser unfortunately which means it’s rather drying again and not fantastic to use, as even with my oily skin, foaming cleansers are not ideal, but they are amazing at getting makeup off. I have used Vitage in the past and everything has been perfectly lovely, especially the Vitamin C Radiance Mask at £26, that I rather am a fan of and do find myself easily making my way through tubes. My skin before the challenge compared to after was basically the same, it just helped to keep away spots by making sure I was in a strict routine morning and night (as I will admit, I can slip up sometimes and forget) so I can say that these products do definitely help keep the skin clear! The products I used ranged from £22 – £53.

PicMonkey CollageTesting Different Skincare Routines from Bioskin, Vitage, and Bandi Professional

Bandi Cosmetics is up next and this is brand who’s really got the packaging down to wow you when it arrives, they’ve been trading for nearly three decades so it’s not a surprise. The silver box and box with beautifully designed products really caught my eye straight away. Bandi are a Polish manufacturer of professional cosmetics that can be used in salons or homes. They continually research the products and ingredients which means they’ve become leaders in professional cosmetics in Poland with quite a few awards too! The EcoSkin Care Soothing Cleansing Gel, is the same as the other cleansers in that it does take your makeup off but this one is just a tad more gentle on the skin. I’ve also been using Exfoliating cream with mandelic acid & PHA which has won an award too.’This moisturising exfoliating cream with Mandelic Acid & PHA, stimulates cellular renewal and can be used on all skin types. It very delicately exfoliates and I mean delicately as you can’t feel the exfoliation at all. It’s deeply moisturising and is meant to help increase the ‘bio-synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoclycans’, which basically means helps with signs of ageing whilst making the skin look and feel soft.

Testing Different Skincare Routines from Bioskin, Vitage, and Bandi Professional
Freedom Makeup has just ventured into the realm of Skincare and they’ve not done a terrible job either. As always with Makeup Revolution and Freedom Skincare, a lot of their products are dupes/lookalikes/copies of higher end brands. I haven’t tried the Pixi Glow Tonic before, but I’m pretty sure this Gycolic Glow Tonic is a dupe. I really enjoy using it and feel as though it makes my skin look a lot brighter and more radiant, so it’s a huge thumbs up from me, but now it’s my next mission to try the Pixi one out and compare. The eye makeup remover does actually sting when you get it in your eyes, I unfortunately tested this so you don’t have to. Obviously you’re not meant to get it in your eyes, but this can and does happen when removing eye makeup so I can’t say I’d recommend it over others. It’s not the easiest product I’ve ever used to get eye makeup off and with the sting, I’m definitely not reaching for it constantly. The Pro Moisture Cream is also quite average and it really didn’t impress. It’s nice, but pretty standard under makeup and doesn’t really do much in terms of specialness about it. It’s a cream….and that’s pretty much all I can say.

The Priming Water however, is actually really good. Well, I do use a pretty amazing foundation, Makeup Atelier Paris, but I did find that the makeup lasts even longer with this underneath. The product itself seems a little confused if it is a priming water or setting spray, but it definitely works underneath as the name suggests to ‘prime’. 

Have you tried any of these products and had different results? We’re all different so I’d love to know! 

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  • I have never heard of any of these brands so it’s good to see a comparison of them all! xx