Tapas Revolution’s NEW Menu! – Meadowhall Sheffield

My favourite place to eat in Sheffield, Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall, has a new menu with new Chef Specials and last week I got to try them out. I’m already a huge fan of the Tapas Revolution branch as you can probably tell. I reviewed the launch night, the restaurant when it opened and since I’ve been back several times with different people, turning them into fans too! It’s the best Spanish restaurant I’ve been to outside of Spain. Everything is so authentic and well thought out, from the plates being on the table ready in a proper ‘tapas’ style, to the most delicious Spanish wines, even the Spanish speaking staff.

I was invited along to try out the new Specials and they seriously are special. I took along my dear friend Keisha, who I don’t think has had a blog outing before so it was very exciting. She made a lot of facial expressions whilst eating, positive ones, and said ‘what can I eat next?’ a lot ha! She now wants to take her boyfriend when he’s next in town and I don’t blame her. Ever since coming home from our holiday in Spain, Mum and I have been talking about having a power lunch here but unfortunately my mum wasn’t well enough to come this time.

As we were there to try out the specials, obviously we ordered them all as well as a couple of dishes from the main menu and we even listed them in order of our favourites!

1. Huevos Rotos – You’ll have to double check that this is the one with the baked egg in the middle that you then mix into the dish. It is BEYOND beautiful.

2. Ensalada de calabaza y Manchego – Keisha was offended that I ordered salad but after just visiting Spain I know good and tasty their salads are compared to English ones, but this was something else. It seriously impressed with roasted butternut squash, manchego cheese, raisin and a pine nut vinaigrette. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life.

3. Torrenzos con mojo dulce – crispy pork belly with a sweet and spicy sauce. Keisha’s pick as she’s not a seafood girl and she was really impressed with this.

4. Alitas de polloa la miel y limon – marinated crispy chicken wings with a lemon and honey dressing. They’re sticky but delicious.

Tapas Revolution Meadowhall SheffieldTapas Revolution Meadowhall SheffieldTapas Revolution Meadowhall SheffieldTapas Revolution Meadowhall Sheffield

5. Chuletas de cordero – roasted lamb chops marinated with spices and served pink. The sauce was really weird on this and almost tasted like cinnamon? Maybe it was! We still enjoyed it, but if it was in the chicken sauce, we would have loved it more.

6. Empanadillas – spinach and goat’s cheese parcels with onion and saffron marmalade. Maybe it’s because these came out after everything else but we didn’t end up gushing over them as much as everything else, they were nice but there’s too much on the menu for me to pick them again.

7. Gazpacho de sandia – chilled tomatoe soup with a watermelon twist. We both weren’t a fan of the chilled soup, we’re far too english with our soup ha!

I must point out that the sauce that comes with bread had Keisha nearly crying of happiness, to the point where out of 3 plates of bread, I had one slice. Absolutely hilarious but thankfully she still ate the food too!

We finished with a traditional Spanish desert of Churros and as always, they were yummy. I honestly cannot wait for my next visit to Tapas Revolution already!
Tapas Revolution Meadowhall Sheffield Tapas Revolution Meadowhall Sheffield Tapas Revolution Meadowhall SheffieldTapas Revolution Meadowhall Sheffield

Thanks so much to the wonderful staff and team behind Tapas Revolution for inviting me along again, I’ll be back soon!


  *This post contains a press trip*
  • My gawwwwwd, looks so bloody delicious! That pork belly looks so crispy and delicious. And those churros? Pls send me some!!