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Takeaways in my house always seem to be ordered from the same place despite being constantly disappointed over the quality and price of the food. This month I got to try out who have a huge list of takeaways near you with all sorts of deals and offers. They also have a rating system which means you can see and read what other people thought to the takeaway you’re thinking of ordering from. I always love reading reviews especially when it’s something that I’ve not tried before. I was given a £20 voucher to spend and had to feed 4 people, I thought I may struggle a little as I know our takeaways in the past couple months have been heading more towards £30. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of establishments who had meal deals on at really low prices. We ordered from probably one of those closest places, as it had such good reviews and were blown away by the quality compared to our usual place. is user friendly and easily lets you navigate between all the takeaways, it also has a wide variety of foods from over 7500 recommended places from pizza to sushi! We choose pizza and managed to get all of this for under £20! makes ordering even easier as you can pay online and not have to worry about finding the right change, or nipping to the bank first. You can even pay with paypal! There’s even an app which makes ordering easier than ever, and even doable when on the move as you can choose what time you’d like your takeaway to arrive and order ahead of time. You can even preorder throughout the day.