TailorTab – A New Way To Experience Online Shopping #AD

Online shopping will never be the same thanks to TailorTab. The endless struggle of ordering multiple sizes, or things arriving that don’t fit at all because of a different company’s sizing is going to be a pest of the past. TailorTab will become your new best friend. It’s an browser extension and app that has technology that maps all the different measurements, sizes and styles of clothing websites which allows you to shop smarter and more efficiently.

When you first open up the extension or app, you simply add in some details on your size and what you usually are at different brands, as well as your height and off you go to shop! It works at all the major clothing sites and it’s so quick and easy to work. After a click of the button it tells you what the chance is of your usual size fitting in a percentage, and you can change the drop down to size up or down to see if you’ll get a better fit! How handy is that? Many people complain about having to order multiple sizes (because who has the money or time to wait for refunds on the ones who don’t?) and how annoying it is having to visit the post office to return them.

TailorTab - A New Way To Experience Online Shopping

TailorTab - A New Way To Experience Online Shopping

As it’s a new company, they’re still analysing and listing some brands but ASOS, which seems to be everyone’s favourite lately, works incredibly!

I’m so pleased that TailorTab are not excluding plus size shoppers at all and are in fact devoted to helping us out. They’re asking for suggestions on brands you want them to list and are completely open to whatever brands, meaning, it’s an all inclusive brand. Exactly what I love!

Their main product is a Chrome extension- for laptop/desktop and it works really well. I now use it all the time on new styles.

I feel like TailorTab has so much potential and I can definitely see it taking over online shopping!

Check them out today at TailorTab.com.




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