T-Zone Skincare


With the amount of rubbish some of us have been eating over Christmas, we’d be lucky to avoid the odd spot or two. I’m fortunate enough to not have skin that is not hugely effected by what I eat, but I don’t often spend my days sipping alcohol whilst making my way through endless boxes of chocolates, so I am preparing myself for the worst.


T-Zone Skincare
I’ve been using T-Zone for quite a while now, and I’ve actually ended up finishing the Deep Pore Cleansing Cream Wash before I started to even write this, and I can’t say that’s happened before. I genuinely enjoyed how luxuriously creamy and thorough it was at removing my makeup but leaving my skin feeling and looking flawless. On any open spots, it does tingle a tiny little bit, but nothing major at all. It has tea tree, eucalyptus and salicylic acid to ensure a deep cleanse with antibacterial ingredients

T-Zone Skincare
The T-Zone Skin Clearing Face Moisturiser was indeed very delightful, a light-weight cream with tea tree and eucalyptus to keep your skin clear and spot free. I used this more at night time as opposed to under makeup, as it didn’t sit the best. I didn’t noticed a huge improvement with this cream and my spots (I even tried it out on my arms to clear them up), but atlas, no luck. It’s probably best if you just want a light night cream, or a very light day cream if you don’t wear any base makeup.
Unfortunately, there was one product that I really did not get on with. T-Zone’s new Rapid Action Spot Zapping Gel is far too harsh for open/sore spots and caused a very uncomfortable sting. Almost a burning sensation for most of my face, it also didn’t seem to take any spots down either. With Tea Tree, Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid, I had high hopes for it, but we didn’t get along at all.

T-zone is available at  Beauty and the BunchAmazon and in selected stores. Have you tried T-Zone before?

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