Style Freedom Protect, Repair, & Style Products

Recently I got to try out the Colour Freedom dyes in Crimson Red again and now my hair is brighter than the first time I tried them, it looked utterly stunning! I was so impressed with the colour and I go endless compliments on it. It’s a much richer, and vibrant red than most dyes out there. You can read all about it in my past post by clicking here.

Along with the dyes they sent along a whole host of styling products from their Style Freedom range and I’ve really enjoyed using them. It’s getting to a point where I’m sleeping/napping/lying down so much that my hair will get so knotted and unmanageable, so I’ve been using the Detangler a lot and it’s really fantastic. So lightweight and it doesn’t leave any horrible residue like some other brands I’ve tried. At £7.99 it’s a big bottle and a little goes a long way with this and it definitely gets the job done. Currently it’s better than 1/2 price at Superdrug!

Style Freedom
I’m not a huge fan of heat shields but I have loved the Vitamin Oil on second day hair, and on days where I haven’t washed my hair in a while. Again this is priced at £7.99 and it’s a super beautiful oil that I’ve been using constantly.

The most interesting thing here is actually the Hair Detox Kit at £7.99, it’s a kit that is used to help remove the build up of silicones and polymer filled shampoos and conditioners. It helps with everyday damage and generally helps your hair to look and feel alive again. It’s a two part system, both of which need to be left on for a set amount of time and I’ve honestly never felt my hair as soft as this. It’s something that I can only use just before I’m about to dye my hair again, as it would definitely pull my colour out, but it’s worth the wait.

All of these are currently less than half price, but I don’t know how long Superdrug will have this promotion on for, either way they’re definitely worth their full price, but at half, how can you resist!?


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