Sheffield Steel City Halloween Ghost Walk

Sheffield Ghost Walk
If you need something to do this Halloween in Sheffield, then look no further than Mr P Dreadful and the famous Steel City Ghost Walk Tours. I honestly cannot say that I’ve ever enjoyed walking around the City Centre at night so much. Shirelle, my friend of a ridiculous amount of years, and I are probably the most pathetic people when it comes to anything scary, but we both jumped at the chance to go preview the Halloween Tour for this year. We both had completely different expectations to what the tour would actually be. We thought that people would be jumping out, trying to scare us and it would all be made up, but that wasn’t the case. On the night, it was a shame for everyone else, but amazing for us, that we were the only two there and we ended up having an amazing time. It turns out that some pretty dark things happened in Sheffield and especially in the town centre. The stories that you hear are all based on actual witness reports. In fact, during the tour, people who reside in the haunted buildings have actually come out to share their own personal stories and experiences about the ghosts. I was still a little sceptical, I’ve always believed in ghosts, but I’ve never seen one and I didn’t want to.
Sheffield Ghost Walk


Before the tour starts, you’re given some pretty funny rules which really made us laugh and put us at ease a little. One of the rules was that there were no stupid questions, which we definitely took advantage off. I kindly reminded (threatened) Shirelle that it meant no terrifying questions that would make me want to cry. As the tour began I was very happy to see that there was the chance to sit or perch a lot, physiotherapy is making me a very achy person so it was very much welcomed, and I can imagine any older guests of the tour would appreciate it also. I won’t ruin any of the stories or destinations but I can guarantee that you’ll have goose bumps. It’s common on the tours for people to even see the ghosts that you’re hearing about, but most do not realise and think it’s a joke and a hoax. I asked a couple questions on this and found out some pretty terrifying answers.

Sheffield Ghost Walk
The gentleman who runs the ghost walk, Mr P Dreadful, has seen ghosts from a very early age, but never realised that it wasn’t necessarily normal, as sometimes you can see ghosts as plain as you and me. Ghosts aren’t necessarily something to be afraid of, but they certainly can be. We heard about different ghosts who would be quite touchy feeling, and others that would simply help you in a time of need. I found it fascinating and I couldn’t stop asking questions. I asked what it felt like if a ghost walked straight through you, as I was curious whilst walking down an alley way. Apparently, it feels like you’re going to pass out but it doesn’t hurt. I also asked how you can tell if someone if a ghost or not, as it doesn’t sound like it’s always easy to tell. But in some cases, with their attire, speech or hair, they’re really easy to spot. At one point of the tour, I felt like I saw something in one of the windows, but being the chicken that I am, I hastily looked away and didn’t mention it. A couple of the stories were really sad to hear, whereas others were gruesome and horrifying.
This year due different stories during the walk they’ll be a child friendly tour, and a non-child friendly tour. They cost £5 for adults, £4 for Students and just £2.50 for under 13s. I honestly cannot recommend them enough, there’s even different tours throughout the week that you can go on, as well as private tours. Shirelle and I are already planning our next visit and cannot wait to have another Steel City Ghost Tour. So, if ever you’re in Sheffield City Centre on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 7:30pm, head to the Town Hall stairs and have yourself a frightening night!
Will you be going this year? You can find Steel City Ghost Tours on Twitter and Facebook for more details.