Steam Cream Face and Body Moisturiser

Steam Cream Face and Body Moisturiser* definitely has made an amazing impression in the beauty world the last couple years. It’s basically one cream sold in hundreds of beautifully designed tins. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to actually confirm this, but to my knowledge, Steam Cream is actually the Sister company of Lush Cosmetics, and the product was originally sold by Lush’s old company, under a different name. It’s steamed as it makes the formula incredibly lightweight that easily absorbs into the skin making it moisturise just that little bit extra than a typical cream. Like Lush, many of the same ethics apply such as being fresh and handmade in the UK and Japan using very natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, almond oil, and cocoa butter. It’s also, of course, not tested on animals.


Steam Cream Face and Body Moisturiser Bruler


Steam Cream Face and Body Moisturiser bruler


The tins are also eco-friendly and I was recently sent their new beautiful tin for the Autumn, Bruler. I absolutely love the design on this and it looks so beautiful sat on my dressing table. At £12.95 for 75ml, it is a little expensive until you realise how amazing it is to wear underneath your makeup too. The beautiful and lightweight cream gives the right amount of moisture on even my ridiculously oily skin. With Oatmeal, Lavendar, Orange Flower, Chamomile Blue, Sweet Almond, Rose and Neroli, it’s perfect for almost every skin type, if not, all of them. With such balancing and calming ingredients, you can definitely feel Steam Cream working and absorbing right into the skin.


I can definitely see myself using Steam Cream as part of my daily routine from now on, it’s also worked wonders at calming the scars on my arms and any signs of eczema are soon disappearing.Have you tried Steam Cream before? What did you think of it?