Lush’s Work Uniform.

Lush is a place where most people would LOVE to work, and often with such big companies there are unshapely t-shirts, or a very strict uniform. Being Plus Size and sometimes body concious means that as soon as I think of a career, I immediately think of the uniform, so when I found out that it was just black and white clothing, I was incredibly happy. Black is incredibly slimming as it is but being able to wear tailored, more fitted options, lace, chiffon, leather, means that I never get bored. After a recent shopping spree I have managed to find my new favourite work outfit…..
Yours Clothing cardigan, New look crop took, New look maxi skirt, Primark waist belt, Lush Uniform.

First of all I have to point out that I JUMPED with excitement after finding this cardigan. Waterfall creates a much slimmer silhouette on me so teamed with shoulder pads and in lace, I didn’t blink an eye lid at the £29 it cost.
It’s from Yours Clothing, which start at a 14 in some items and go all the way up to a 32! I have recently teamed up with them to bring an impressive discount code to my readers, used ‘BLOGGER24‘ to receive £10 off a £20+ order!
The top is actually a crop top, I finally found one in an 18 which accommodated for the pups. It was only £8 from Newlook
Last but not least is the long black maxi skirt, which is also from Newlook for just £15! (Thankfully I’m short enough to wear it from a more flattering waist line). 

This has become an outfit that I’ll wear on days I want to make an effort, everyone seems to like it! 

  • I love finding the perfect article of clothing and always overlook thep rice over quality and how it makes me feel when worn as i'm pretty self conscious.

    Boohoo has some great basics and maxi dresses/skirts etc that don't break the bank so if you're after more tops/skirts etc I recommend delving into there!

    Y x

  • Charming!!!