How to Stay Fashionable Yet Warm with Andrew Marc – AD

How to stay fashionable yet warm in winter has suddenly become my top priority, especially as 90% of when I go out it’s for an event or meeting. Which means I need to look on point, obviously whilst trying not to freeze to death. Of course, being a fashion blogger does mean that I feel the need to have to document everything I wear. I know my current attire for outdoors is definitely not winter friendly and if the snow comes back, there just might be a real life snow woman somewhere in Sheffield. So, I wanted to create a wish list type posts with a new to me, straight and kinda plus friendly brand! I say kinda plus size as they only go to a 24, but it is indeed a start! I know my readers aren’t all plus size, so it’s rare that I can actually bring to you stuff that you can buy too.

Andrew Marc has one of the most beautiful websites I have ever since, the homepage alone makes me want to know and click more. They’re known for luxury and that’s certainly what feel comes across. Everyone’s knows that the type of clothes to invest in, is a winter coat. There’s no point going around in a paper-thin and cheap one that’ll freeze you, instead it’s advised to button up with a coat that you can invest in and wear in years to come. But it’s important to pick the right style, currently I’m walking around in a £400 seriously beautiful cost, but it is in no way keeping me warm. I’ve decided to pick out my favourites from the women’s extended sizes range, which you can see below.
How to Stay Fashionable Yet Warm with Andrew Marc

I just love the look of the Delaney, it’s definitely my favourite. Plus a bargain price from$229.00 to $119.00! It’s a water-resistant coat that has a half-lining of faux fur, as well as a faux fur hood, I do love a fur hood! It not only adds a stylish edge but warmth too, making it perfect! Wendy has to be my other favourite, I can’t pull off those bulky coats so this is right up my street. I love the that it’s single-breasted and oversized, meaning you can layer up underneath it too. It’s made out of soft melton wool, so it should be super cosy too.

What kind of winter coat do you like?



This post is an advertorial, however, these are all my own words and opinions.