State of Mind – My Favourite Plus Size Gym Wear!


My gym series is coming to an end! Don’t forget read my previous posts: Being Plus Size at the Gym and Eating Healthily, Plus Size Gym Clothes from Simply Be and my last instalment, Panache Sports Bra from Bras and Honey.Now it’s time for my favourite gym wear. I could have probably wrote this review upon first putting on State of Mind Plus Size Clothes for the gym, however, due to life getting in the way it has taken me a little while. I’m really glad it has though, as it means that I have really been able to put these clothes through the works of constant washing, wearing and exercising in them to be able to give you an incredibly thorough review.

Basically, State of Mind’s clothes are borderline magical and probably the highest quality I have ever witnessed in clothing. State of Mind are designed and made in Britain and cater for women sizes 14 – 28 and although they may seem a little on the pricey side, you’ll soon discover that the clothes are basically an extremely smart investment. State of Mind also have a Shape my size interactive body where they tell you exactly what clothes will suit your shape, so that you can have a stylish workout. I don’t think this feature was available when I was sent this selection so if you don’t find something too flattering, you now know why….


State of Mind - My Favourite Plus Size Gym Wear, georgina grogan, plus size blogger
Ruched top, Jumper and Batwing top.


I’m going to start off with my favourite piece which definitely has to be the Regular Kick Flare Jogger. It may sound silly, but they’re probably the best joggers I have ever known (believe it or not I actually used to wear them a lot!) The joggers have a rollable waistband which you can adjust for comfort, I love having it as high as possible as I feel more at home in anything that feels like leggings/tights! The ridiculously soft and high quality Supplex ® fabric is said to ‘last for years’ and I can easily see how. So far from wearing them constantly and washing them, some weeks daily, they still feel completely brand new. The colour hasn’t faded and one of the main problems I find with clothing and being plus size, is the bobbling effect between the legs and despite working out in them, there isn’t any at all. A feature I didn’t know about is that the have a small inside secret pocket for delicate items which I’m definitely going to start using.
Price: £49 – don’t let this put you off at all as if you’re only going a couple times a week and have a good washing system, you only need the one pair! I have these in a 22 and they fit perfectly as my arse will never lose weight even if the rest of my body does.


Gosh you can tell they’re my favourites, can’t you!? My second favourite has to be the the All Round Sports Top for it’s simplicity and wearability. Apparently it has properties that makes the moisture move away from your body, and I find that it definitely increases sweating from being a clingy but loose material. I mean that in the way that the material is like scubbery but the size 22 makes it a lovely lose, comfortable fitting. I wouldn’t say you have to size up, but if you do want it to be a little looser then it’s definitely ideal.
Price: £26


As I seem to be going in an order, my third favourite is the Yoga Batwing Top with Scooped Shoulders. I will admit when I first tried this on I thought I look really weird and it wasn’t until I received a proper sports bra that I realised it was actually quite nice. Not only was it ridiculously comfortable and quite breezy for my shoulders, but it’s also a little baggy, comfortable long and overall a joy to work out in. Probably more suited for something chilled out like Yoga, as I think I looked a little too casual compared to my usual hardcore workout stance.
Price: £32


state of mind Yoga Batwing Top with Scooped Shoulders


I can’t lie, I’ve never been a fan of this type of jumper, simply because I don’t like jumpers. The Mid Layer – Half Zip Top is, of course, high quality and a great fit in a size 22 but it is much more suited for someone who enjoys the outdoors. For myself, I prefer a complete zip hoodie that I can wear freely and take off without becoming partially naked. It has thumbholes, a very long vip and is shockingly comfortable even over a large bust, for safety reasons it even has a high Viz trim for if you wear it at night.
Price: £52
State of mind plus size clothes Mid Layer - Half Zip Top


State of Mind will probably not like me for this one as they’ve actually redesigned this Long Ruched Cami Top due to previous feedback. However, I reckon I would have liked the old one more. Maybe it’s because of the size 22, or maybe because I’m short but their best selling vest was lengthened, had a bra shelf removed and made from a different fabric. Overall, again it’s absolutely fantastic quality that I can see lasting a lifetime before ever starting to wear out, but it was just too long for me. I loved the colour and adjustable straps but I felt a little buried in material. If you haven’t got a long torso, I would probably size down to avoid the extra material and have it a little more fitted.
Price: £40
State of mind active clothes Long Ruched Cami Top
I am blown away by the quality of State of Mind and if every company made their clothes to this high of a standard, the world would be a perfect place.
*Sent for review and I am so grateful to have them in my life!