St Leger Races 2014 Blogger Event by Ladbrokes Bingo

This year Ladbrokes decided to invite a selection of (quite amazing) bloggers from around Doncaster to famous and extravagant day that is, St Legers Ladies Day. I was absolutely ecstatic to get an invite and decided to take my dear Mother along with me as she’s just turned 51 (do you like how I slipped that in, mum?) as she has never been to the races! I would love to say that the day was perfection from start to finish, but alas, my curse caught up with me (I’m paranoid) and we ended up having a tyre blow out just as we were ten minutes away. Thankfully, we were driving slow enough for nobody to get hurt, and the RAC man was good looking enough to lift my spirits, yet still embarrass me on twitter (you’ll have to see a screen cap to understand that one).When we finally arrived, Victoria and Beth from Branded 3 came over to sit with us and two gentlemen from Ladbrokes, who ended up laughing at my mum and her hilarious comments all day. Not long after arriving we were ordering delicious food and relaxing in the amazing atmosphere. We were treated in the luxurious Hospitality Suite in the Mallard Restaurant where there were several private tables with balconies that had the most incredible view. We were fortunate to be exactly across from the race finish line! The ladies from Branded 3 made my mum and myself feel so comfortable and as if we were amongst friends, whilst the beautiful food and friendly service made the entire experience incredible. Getting ready for Ladies Day isn’t as stress free as I would have hoped. However, after reviewing the ChiChi London Green Dolly Dress a couple months ago, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get my wear from it, and let it have a day out!

ChiChi London Green Dolly Dress
(Credit to Big Fashionista’s Handy Boyfriend for this lovely picture, a selfie wasn’t quite cutting it for how excited I was to be there!)
My Mum decided to tactfully hint about how good she looked in my new Joanna Hope Jersey Dress from Simply Be, which obviously meant that she had every intent in wearing it….
ChiChi London Green Dolly Dress
What we thought was going to be a ‘buffet’, ended up being a beautiful three course meal that was cooked to absolute perfection and presented like nothing I have ever seen before. I decided to go ‘all out’ and have pigeon, lamb and then a trio of desserts. However, my inner blogger was hoping my Mum would order something different so I could get a little variety, so the lovely gentlemen from Ladbrokes took some rather Instagram worthy photos of their desserts for me too!


One of my favourite bloggers and people, Kellie from Big Fashionista also attended the day with her hilarious and lovely boyfriend, which made Ladies Day even better. Seen as we were so excited to be seeing each other again after first meeting in January at the House of Fashion event, we of course marked the occasion with a mini photo shoot which resulted in the most hilarious photos. Including one where I was shouting at Kellie for implying she was faking her love for me, it obviously hurt me a lot because I made a rather unattractive face….


Half way through the day, and having lost every race so far, my Mum decided it was time to shake up her tactics and headed off outside to inspect the horses herself. We all laughed at the thought, but she actually ended up coming first that race! It left us all a little gobsmacked and we soon started listening to her expertise, even the gentlemen from Ladbrokes were interested in hearing what she had to say, which left me in fits of giggles. Especially at this one photo….


As the fabulous day was coming to an end, we got back to our tables to find a selection of sweet treats, including scones and little tiny pots of jam (if you’re like me, little miniature things excite you immensely).
After admiring a group of Ladies hats from afar for pretty much all day, the ladies from Branded 3 dared me to go get their picture. After a little coaxing I finally got up to find a group of rather intoxicated, but nevertheless, friendly and well dressed women who were more than happy to have their photo taken!
Definitely aiming for my hat to be this fabulous if I ever go again!
The day, after we finally got there safely, was absolute perfection. Even the goodie bags from Ladbrokes and Branded 3 were one of the most thoughtful goodie bags I’ve ever received, as there were highlighters for the Race Day Bingo, good luck charms, nail varnish, flip flops, a camera, lip balm and even a mini whiteboard! (Below is a picture of the goodie bag from the official Ladbrokes Race Day Blog Post).
A big thank you to Branded 3 and Ladbrokes for inviting my Mum and me and for being such amazing hosts. I cannot recommend the hospitality suite enough as it is truly beautiful and it makes a day to remember.