Sprinkle of Glitter Lace Dress from Simply Be

I can’t say I’m one for fan-girling over Youtubers but I do admit that I love watching Sprinkle of Glitter. Her first collection with Simply Be didn’t really wow me but as I was treating myself earlier this month with quite a huge Simply Be order, I saw this beauty, the Sprinkle of Glitter Lace Dress at £75, how can the Queen of Lace deny herself of lace? I can’t, it just wouldn’t be right of me. So I preordered the dress and waited rather impatiently for it to finally be dispatched. It just so happened that I was taking all my other outfit photos this day and we had just got back from reviewing a restaurant, so I quickly reapplied my lip and headed onto the garden to snap some pictures!

When I first opened up the dress it wasn’t hard to tell why there’s a £75 price tag attached as it’s incredible quality, so thick, a little heavy but not in the bag way, just in the way that you know it’s not going to fall apart after one wear. The dress itself looks more navy in person and on photos that it does on the website. I’m not complaining, I’m a blue girl! I decided to size up as I am definitely more of a 22 lately but I found it quite roomy on my waist, but the boobs are an issue, I definitely need to wear this open with a vest as my pups to do not like buttons. In fact, they pretty much protest against them and I didn’t notice until I saw the photos! Obviously with a smaller chest, you’d definitely fit into your regular size.
Sprinke of Glitter Lace Dress from Simply Be Sprinke of Glitter Lace Dress from Simply BeSprinke of Glitter Lace Dress from Simply Be
The arms for me were a little weird, they’ve got a split which you can see slightly, but it’s not a split that has extra material so that it stays in place. Instead it’s stretched making the lace poke out in a weird way, I fixed this by tucking it in and I think I’d eventually stitch it if it really bugged me. I could definitely wear a size 20, but I don’t want the hassle of sending it back and I think the arms might be a little TOO awkward on me, so I’m just going to keep it and wear it more casual/dressy, my wardrobe lacks that. The dress is a perfect length on me but I am only 5’3.

Overall, I love it! It’s true to size, amazing quality and a beautiful dress.
No need for a disclaimer as I spent A LOT of my own money on new clothes from Simply Be.

  • Vintage Fee

    I LOVE THIS! I like me a cheeky bitta SoG too (and even the odd Zoella moment, though not as often!) and the white dress with spots is my favourite from the new collection. I imagine I’d wear it and feel like a birthday cake <3 I might get it to wear for my birthday, actually!

  • I love this dress, I didn’t love her last collection but the new one looks cute! Not a fan of the price tag though OUCH! Xx


  • Karen

    Wow! This dress is gorgeous and looks really great on you! The bust would definitely be an issue for me too, so there’s no way I’d get it done up!

  • I’m so tempted to get this dress … even more so after seeing how amazing you look in it!

    C xx

  • That’s absolutely stunning and looks so good on you 🙂 Great choice!! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  • That’s gorgeous on you! Having boobs is so annoying at times, I’ve completely given up on buttoned tops – they look so pretty tho… Might have to steal the idea of wearing a vest underneath xx

  • Hana

    This is such a beautiful dress on you! I love how structured at it and just looks like beautiful lace 🙂

    Hana | http://www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk

  • Such a pretty dress, you look amazing! I absolutely adore lace so I’m tempted to buy this but the price is a bit too much for me… but that’s just because I’m cheap, lol. 😉

  • Kimberley

    Oooh it’s gorgeous! I love how it comes up more navy, it’s a lovely style and really suits you! xx

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

  • Haha, Louise is everyone’s YouTuber exception! She’s awesome. The arms are odd, aren’t they! The dress looks amazing, though 🙂 c