Spa Sensio Sonic Facial Cleanser

Spring Clean Your Beauty Regime with Sensio Spa! Specifically the Sonic Facial Cleanser at £65.00. Summer is coming and it’s time to prep our skin! I personally love going foundation free in the Summer but more often than not, my skin isn’t ‘ready’ for it. What I mean by that is with my lumps, bumps, spots and uneven skin, I find it hard not to wear some kind of base to even everything out. I’ve been using the Sensio Spa Sonic Facial Cleanser along with my usual routine to give everything a boost and work on my bumpy skin. I have a lot of under the skin lumps and I’m a very oily person, being 21 it’s really not something I’m concerned about as I’ll stay youthful for longer but during the Summer, I don’t need any extra shine.
Spa Sensio Sonic Facial Cleanser Spa Sensio Sonic Facial Cleanser

The facial cleanser can be used on any skin type and comes with heads suitable for all. It cleans, exfoliates, refreshes and removes any makeup in those really hard to get spots. It features a timed cleansing routine so you don’t go too harshly on your skin, I’m guilty of that. It has 2 speed settings, obviously it has to be splash proof and cordless too. I love a good buff of my skin but often I go in too harshly, a daily buffer allows for a gentle exfoliation without causing any damage. Buffing your skin daily has tonnes of benefits such as evening skin tones, reducing spots and black heads by cleaning deeply and efficiently and it helps keep bumps to a minimum. All of this leaves the skin looking fresher and more radiant.

It comes with three interchangeable heads which include sensitive, normal and a dermabrasion head which is meant to be used once a week deep clean. I really love the different levels of heads so if you feel like it’s not working enough for you, you can simply swap the head for something a little stronger. Skin is constantly changing and sometimes we find that products we love, aren’t working as well anymore. The Sensio Spa Sonic Facial Cleanser helps jazz things up and give them a different feel, sure you may love your current cleanser, but what if it was really worked into your skin? I love mine more and I’m sure you will yours!
Sensio Spa is available at Argos, Amazon and their website Sensio Spa.


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