The Spa at The Midland Manchester

The Spa at The Midland Manchester is quite honestly the best spa I have ever been to. What you’re about to read is the most glowing review I will probably ever write….

The day started off absolutely terribly but as soon as we arrived into the very grand lobby at The Midland, we knew we were into a treat. Down the elevators and to the spa entrance, which immediately spelt of relaxation and the perfect ‘spa’ smell, you know the one, lavender galore. The entrance was very spa, dim lights, cool toned walls, plants, velvet seating area. It was ticking all of my boxes immediately. Within seconds of talking to the staff you realised it was one of those spas where everyone is just so lovely, I’ve heard of the ‘snobby’ spa therapists elsewhere but I’m yet to encounter one. We filled out our forms and headed into the rather fancy dressing rooms. Security coded lockers, huge mirrors with actually decent hairdryers AND straighteners. Huge showers full of glorious ESPA products, separate changing rooms, I mean the place had it all. We really did not need to take anything with us, perfect if you’re a tad forgetful too. Obviously the robes didn’t fit properly, but they don’t anywhere so I’m not marking them down for this at all. *Although it would be great to have robes for fat people*

We were then lead into the most incredible relaxation room I’ve ever seen. I have always said at spas they need a room that you can go lay down and nap in, but The Spa at The Midland takes it one amazing step further. With incredibly beautiful hanging beds, two private pod rooms of velvet seating with huge cushions, mini pods and lounge chairs around the room you think that’d be enough to keep anyone happy, especially in this room that has the wow factor. To our utter surprise, the relaxation room also has 3 beds. Actual beds. The softest and most comfortable beds ever. Thick but light duvets, cushions galore and curtains so you can section yourself off from others. Mum and I actually fell asleep in them, some people did a little laugh at us and we laughed at ourselves too. It was exactly what we needed. We both suffer from chronic pain and usually have to nap most days anyway so it just meant that we could feel even more relaxed and rested. The relaxation room also had a variety of complimentary teas and ice water, which we felt was a really lovely touch. This room really is incredible, the photos look wow, but in person it’s so much better.

 The Spa at The Midland Manchester  The Spa at The Midland Manchester  The Spa at The Midland Manchester
After swanning around in the relaxation room for a little while it was time for our spa treatment. We both picked the brand new Serene Sleep and w o w, it was incredible. The treatment is meant to make you either go to sleep, or really want to. It’s so beautifully done, at one point I honestly couldn’t work out how many arms my spa therapist had. The rooms are dimly lit, cosy in temperature which can of course be changed to your suiting and this particular treatment has a lot going out so you really need to be comfortable for it. It can either be a 50 or 80 minute treatment that includes a hot stone massage, facial massage with rose quartz crystals (seriously, and they’re huge!),  a facemask and a scalp massage. I normally don’t have a facial or scalp massage but with Halloween and all my makeup looks, I needed a pamper to get ready for the month ahead. I’ve also never had hot stones before but I absolutely loved them! The entire treatment from start to finish was beautiful. Usually I want to talk constantly as it makes me feel more comfortable but this time I was mostly silent whilst the spa therapist worked her magic. We were on cloud 9 after our massages and other spa visitors even commented on how relaxed and happy we looked. Everywhere was pristine, it oozed a relaxing atmosphere. We especially loved the spa cafe so we could stay in our robes. Afternoon tea was OK, we didn’t get drinks for about 20 minutes but it was a Saturday and there were a lot of people swanning around which might be the reason for the delay.

We then ventured into the wet room which included a gorgeous relaxation swimming pool with a swan neck fountain, Himalayan Salt Sauna, Lifestyle Shower, Jacuzzi, and a steam room. We were entertained for hours. The jacuzzi was incredible difficult to get into with reduced mobility so we only went in once but we adored the pool and the fountain which I used to help with the pain in my shoulders, the force of the water was like a mini massage. Both the sauna and steam room were lovely, we especially liked the difference in scents in them from a standard sauna and steam room.

We will definitely be going back. I will repeat, The Spa at The Midland is the best spa I have been to, it is beyond spectacular.





This post was in collaboration with The Spa at The Midland.


  • Jessica Riley

    I can’t believe I’ve never visited this Spa, especially considering it’s like 30 minutes from me! It looks absolutely divine.




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