Smile Brilliant – Teeth Whitening at Home!

Following on from my previous teeth whitening posts, it’s now time for the big one….. Smile Brilliant! Smile Brilliant provide a professional teeth whitening service from the comfort of your own home. They are an American based company, who send out a kit including dental tray and pastes to create your perfect dental impressions, which ensures your teeth whitening experience is of the highest quality it can be, especially when creating them from home. It can be a little scary seen as this whole experience relies on creating professional quality impressions. Smile Brilliant fortunately appreciate that we don’t all have dental qualifications, therefore they send two extra pots of paste just in case you mess up, which means even for the clumsiest of people you have a safety net!
Smile Brilliant
To create dental impressions you simple need to mix the two pastes together and push them into dental tray. Then the easiest part is just simply biting down. Once your dental impressions have had long enough to set, they will be ready to send off and made into your trays. Once they return it is time for the fun to start! Along with your first delivery, you will have received several small packages containing syringes of Desensitizing Gel which prevents teeth sensitivity and is applied before the Teeth Whitening Gel which lightens your teeth.
I cannot lie, this is not a very enjoyable experience as the product actually does burn quite a lot. I ran over to their website to find some information about this and to see if it was normal. I was pleased to find a Live Help service, which I was able to ask them directly over the burning sensation and apparently it’s normal and the pain does not last for very long, probably for around 5 minutes. You’re meant to leave Desensitizing Gel on for around 15-30 minutes  and afterwards you rinse your mouth clean before adding the Whitening Gel for around 1-3 hours, which is rather lengthy.
Smile Brilliant
After the first application, I was amazed to see such a dramatic difference despite for not leaving it on for as long as recommended (I’m easily bored and the pain put me off a little.) It’s quite a process and from having a serious (mostly likely man flu) cold, I haven’t been able to try it out as much as I would have liked, however, from first impressions alone it’s a big YES from me, even if I don’t look like Simon Cowell just yet….
Smile Brilliant Teething Whitening retailers at around $120 and can be found at their website.
Have you tried Smile Brilliant before? What did you think?
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