Sleep Awareness Week 2015 and What Products I Use Before Bed

You may not have known, but this week is actually Sleep Awareness Week, it focuses on educating people on the importance and benefits of a good nights rest. To celebrate this week, More Drinks sent me a little bundle containing 2 types of More Drinks, a heatable neck pillow, an eye mask, a pair of earplugs and a do not disturb sign, all of which are amazing to try out when you’re a little restless and need  a deep slumber. The Multi Vitamin drinks are meant to help ensure you have an amazing night’s sleep, whilst also feeling fit and healthy throughout the day. They work by keeping the immune system topped up and are surprisingly tasty whilst being ridiculously low in calories, the Apple flavour is actually just 5 calories a bottle!
More Drinks, Sleep Awareness Week 2015


If you read my Twitter, you’ll know I’m probably one of the crankiest people when I don’t get a good night’s rest or a decent nap time during tough days, mainly thanks to my constantly achy body. However, I’ve been trying out quite a lot of products this month and some have been incredible at either making me sleep better and for longer, or simply making me look amazing when I don’t get as much sleep. Think of this as my current night time skincare and body care routine!
Aromatherapy Associates Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil, Aromatherapy Associates Revitalising Face Oil
Aromatherapy Associates
Bath Time to me is probably the most important part of the day, some days I even bath twice as I believe I am part mermaid. Or at least, I want to be. However, with having such long, hot baths on a daily basis, it’s not always as good for your skin as you would think, unless, you use the right products. Probably one of the best products you can use Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil at £40, which has recently won an award. With enough oil for around 20 baths, this is definitely the bath product you need to try for a restful night’s sleep, I almost fell asleep in the actual bath! It has an amazingly strong and powerful smell of relaxation. It includes ingredients such as Coconut, Camomile and Frankincense, but I definitely smell Lavender which is probably in there under ‘perfume.’
Some nights when my skin is rather dry and in need of a little TLC, I’ve been using the Revitalising Face Oil at £42, which is best described as absolutely heavenly. Restores dull looking skin by firming, plumping and rejuvenating, along with of course, softening the skin with all of the oils inside. My boyfriend has even used this on his beard and on flakey skin which has worked absolute wonders and he’s now a big fan of facial oils!
Balance me radiance mask, Nourish exfoliating cleanser, balance me balm.
Nourish and Balance Me
During Bath Time it’s time for me to cleanse my skin and two brands I have been adoring lately have been Nourish and Balance me. First I apply the Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser, which is the softest and most indulgent cleanser with an extremely light exfoliation. This is definitely better after you have already taken off your makeup as it definitely isn’t strong enough to do that but it’s light enough to provide an almost mini facial massage effect. It has enzymes which reveal a healthier and smoother complexion whilst healing probiotics shield against daily ‘environmental aggressors’. It sounds fancy but basically it feels amazing and smells glorious. At just £16.50, it should definitely be on everyone’s ‘to try’ list.

After Nourish, I apply my Balance Me Radiance Face Mask whilst letting the steam of my bath loosen my pores and allow the face mask to really sink in. This is actually an award winning mask that only needs to be on for 5 minutes to work its magic, it revives dull skins and brings it back to life – so to speak. It’s basically a pick me up in a bottle and fantastic for when the build up of lack of sleep starts to show. It cleanses deeply, brights, exfoliates and softens the skin to make you feel amazing and look it too. Probably best to use on a weekly basis, unless your skin really needs a helping hand. Another reasonably priced product at £18 for 75ml where a little goes a long way.I’ve also started using the Stellar Beauty Balm at £18 and it is a little pot of magic. You can literally use it as everything, I personally use it as a lip balm before bed but there’s also opportunities to use it as a face mask, styling wax on your eyebrows, cuticle cream, to soothe dry skin, prevent cold sores and sooth burns!

Phyta Lotion

Phyta Lotion
I really enjoy having creams on my stomach to sleep in, I don’t know why, I just think the layer of silkiness is really comforting. Therefore, I’ve really enjoyed trying out the Phyta Lotion which helps reduce the signs of stretch marks. However, I’ve not been blown away by this product due to the fact that you have to apply it 3 times a day and the bottle is ridiculously small at £9.99 for 60ml and it ran out in literally two weeks when I only apply it at night. I know I’ve got a lot of skin to cover, but if you’re meant to use this 3 times a day and notice results after a minimum of 3 months, it’s going to be pretty costly. So although I love the feeling, this is far too costly and not a miracle in a bottle at all.
merumaya hydrate and protect hand cream
After all my other creams, I’ve started to apply a very light coating of Merumaya’s new Hydrate and Protect Hand Cream on at night as with having my nails on constantly, I want my hands to look flawless. This certainly helps achieve that by really moisturising and hydrating your hands deeply whilst Merumaya’s signature fragrance is comforting and relaxing to have on your hands before bed. For 50ml, which is the perfect handbag size, it’s only £12.50 and I love to carry this around and apply all over my hands and forearms before going anywhere. It ensures that my skin stays hydrated whilst looking its best and it’s probably my favourite hand cream of all time.
Garnier miracle sleeping cream
I have actually nearly finished the entire of Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream (£12.99), which also made it perfect timing for this post and I’m so glad as I’ve been itching to write about it. It’s not often that I become obsessed with a product or try and force my Boyfriend to use it just so we can agree on how amazing it is, but that’s how Garnier has made me feel. The new Miracle Sleeping Cream is an anti-ageing and de-tiring moisturiser that helps to replenish tired and dull skin whilst softening it. Garnier says that from the first morning you should be able to feel ‘intensely re-hydrated’ skin, a softer and rested face and your skin should overall look more radiant. This is exactly how I felt and looked the first morning, glorious and not like the walking dead.
From then on, I can’t go a night without it! I’ll even get out of bed to put it on, which as we all know, is a big thing. After quite a long time of using it, I’d definitely say around, if not, over a month, I can definitely confirm what Garnier wanted you to feel. My skin is alive, it looks healthier and refreshed. It’s also meant to help with signs of ageing, I didn’t have many signs of ageing to start with but my laugh lines have definitely reduced and don’t cause as much as a problem with my makeup anymore which is an amazing relief. I can’t rave about it enough, simply, if you need an indulgent but affordable night cream, this is it.
The dream dictionary from A-z, liberty london, garnier miracle sleeping cream

Other Useful Sleeping Tools when all else fails, try things like a Liberty Lavender Bag to encourage sleepiness, they’re only £5.99 and this has not left the side of my bed. I absolutely adore the smell of Lavender so this has been the most delightful bag to sleep next to. Finally, if I really can’t sleep at night, I simply make sure I’m ahead of work to have a lay in, not the best approach but as I work from home, it’s doable and acceptable with my injured body.

In the mornings I do tend to dream a lot as I’m in a lighter sleep, so I’m quite pleased that Garnier sent along a little dream book too, as I find it rather fascinating. The Dream Dictionary (£9.74) explains why you dream what you do and what it means, I’ve had some pretty weird dreams lately which have made me laugh and worry about myself, but the dictionary explains all.

What do you use when you have trouble sleeping? Have you slept well this week?
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  • I had no idea that it was sleep awareness week! I have always had so much trouble sleeping – trying to get to sleep is so difficult for me 🙁

  • Reclusive Fox

    Lavender oil and chamomile tea…oh and listening to audio books. They’re my magical sleep inducing friends. Interesting to read your thoughts on the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream. I gave up on Garnier a few years back as I found their products did nothing for my skin at all. Might have to see if I can get a sample of this to see if it’s good for my dry skin 🙂

  • Col Holvast

    I’ve been on the fence about trying that Garnier night cream, decision made now 🙂 Great post as always, love your blog!