Skinfix – The Perfect Brand to Treat Eczema!

Recently launched in Boots is the leading North American skincare brand – Skinfix! This range has been incredible in the US to help combat dry skin and their hand cream has actually become a cult product which has a price tag at a mere fraction compared to the higher end brands. I personally love hearing about brands like this, already they sound impressive but when you actually get to try them for yourself it’s super exciting. The range is all natural ingredients and can treat everything from eczema to sun burn and it’s incredible for treating damaged and/or dry skin, however how severe it may be. The Eczema balm is definitely one of the most beautifully thick, creamy balms I’ve ever tried and it’s a multipurpose product too. How I love those! You can try it out for anything, I use a tiny bit as hand cream on drier days but mostly I use it on my feet, arms and legs.

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One of the products I was sent is the Skinfix Soothing Wash, 370ml at £14.99. Quite a good price for a chunky container and of course it’s all fragrance free and perfect for the more delicate and sensitive of skin types. It’s an incredibly gentle cleanser that has vitamin E, jojoba oil and oatmeal, all which in my Lush days were known for easing sore skin too, especially eczema. The Skinfix Eczema Balm is £11.99 for 60g and it contains similar soothing ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. All those super moisturising and hydrating products will really help to relieve tight and irritated skin such as dermatitis. I use this after baths as I have my baths too hot and it does dry out my skin unfortunately. Finally the Skinfix Hand Repair Cream at £12.99 for 90ml, this provides lasting protection to ensure your hands stay soothed and smoother for longer. The incredible shea butter, vitamin e and sweet almond oil, along with the other ingredients inside work as a barrier so when you touch water again it’s less harsh. We used to use a similar one to this in retail as dipping your hands in water constantly can be so terrible for them, even if you don’t suffer from a skin condition.

I’m really impressed with Skinfix and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone suffering with dry skin conditions.

Don’t forget it’s allergy awareness week coming up on the 25th April – 1st May, so if you’re prone to hay fever or any sensitivities be sure to stock up on the right protect for you or try something new out. The Pycnogenol Supplements from Multivits include a natural plant extract that works as an antioxidant. They help with the itchy eyes and running nose as well as general hay fever symptoms. I know my eyes run constantly in the Summer and it’s horrible. 30 tablets start at just £13.95 which isn’t a bad price at all either.



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  • I suffer from bad eczema, sounds like a good range!

    Sophie x

  • I suffer from really bad eczema – may give this a go!

    C xx