Skinetica Skincare

When Skinetic Skincare contacted me to review their products I was a little weary as I am so used to my Lush skincare that I didn’t want to upset my face. Upon their arrival I was already changing my mind as not only had they sent a couple bottles, they also sent TRAVEL SIZE ones. Like most people, I love miniatures. These ones, are beyond cute.

Skinetica Skincare

Anyway, the ingredients aren’t the best and I can definitely smell the alcohol in it, however, I actually love it. It can be used for numerous purposes, as a blemish treatment, super toner or a base for foundation. I find to take my makeup off, not eye makeup though, it is fantastic. It doesn’t sting and it removes everything quickly and efficiently. I don’t like taking my eye makeup off with it, as it isn’t the most gentle of products to use near your eyes. However, if you wear a lot of foundation this is perfect. Or to use after as a toner you’ll be surprised at how much this gets off compared to your normal toner.

I’ve also used it for a base as I was running late for a driving lesson, my makeup looked flawless and I didn’t put much on! I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to take a picture as my brother and I decided to play fight to to the death and it got a little messy. Normal 16 and 19 year old siblings, right?

The only thing I don’t think it works for is an anti-blemish treatment. I haven’t got any massive spots to try it with, other that my allergic reaction rash, which it hasn’t done anything for and I’m really disappointed about it as I look diseased.

You can actually try a free sample bottle of Skinetica to make your mind up, I will definitely be repurchasing,