Skincare 101

Skincare 101

My skincare routine has always been pretty strict. When I first started using products I would always have face masks, cleansers, toners, spot treatments and a moisturiser, no matter what ridiculous brand I would use. Now I’m older and a lot wiser, those same brands don’t even get a second glance. It’s really important with skincare to stick to natural products with ingredients that you know and can recognise, even with severely problematic skin harsh chemical based products are not the answer as most likely than not, they strip the face completely causing more problems.

The basic rule of skincare is to cleanse tone and moisturise this gives the skin chance to breathe and repair as well as preparing the skin for makeup.

1) Cleanse.

Cleansers come in all shapes and consistencies, whether they are solids, liquids, gels, or waxes. It’s important to determine your skin type and find products that are right for you. Cleaners help remove dirt, oils and can even help restore dry and damage skin. Even the best cleansers can’t do everything despite what they may claim, so it’s really important that you tone afterwards. I use very gentle cleansers from Lush or Liz Earle, as with them being on my bare skin, I refuse to let anything harsh near it.

lush skincare
2) Tone.

I become extremely annoyed when I come across someone who doesn’t think toners are necessary. A toner can come in a water or gel; I personally prefer waters as god knows what they put in to make it a gel! Toners do so many things depending on the ingredients, I have one for when I’m spotty, so it contains lots of spot and oil fighting ingredients and I have one for when my face is ridiculously red, so it has a lot of rose and lavender inside to calm things down. Toners can also help with dry skin, as well as removing anything that your cleanser missed. THEY ARE IMPORTANT. But please, check the ingredients, toners should not burn, sting, or feel like anything really. If it burns that doesn’t mean it is working, it means you should take it back and replace it for something gentler. Again I use Lush’s or Liz Earle’s toner waters.

lush skincare

3) Moisturise.

Even with oily skin it’s still important to moisturise in order to balance your skin and allow it the chance to breathe. If you’ve got oily skin then you need to go for a moisturiser that’s right for you and isn’t too heavy. Moisturising also helps restore oils to dry skin and therefore is a vital step as this also prepares the skin for makeup. Yet again the only moisturisers I trust are Liz Earle and Lush. Do you see a pattern here?

lush skincare, liz earle

4) Exfoliators.

I love a good scrub and it’s very easy to want up scrub your face every day,but it’s important to only exfoliate once or twice a week as you could dry up your face completely of natural oils.  If you’ve got sensitive skin a gentle Exfoliator or even something with citrus ingredients should be used as fruits also get rid of dead skin cells, making room for new ones that renew your completion. For dry skin exfoliating should be kept to a minimum as you don’t want to strip your face or irritate it further. Yet again I use Lush or Liz Earle as both rages provide different types depending on my skin.

5) Face masks.

Think of face masks as an intensive treatment to help whatever problem you face, again this MUST be natural ingredients as you’re allowing it to encounter your face for much longer than a cleanser. Face masks should sit on clean, cleansed and toned skin for around 10-20 minutes; this allows the ingredients enough time to seep into the pores and get to work. Face masks can help anything from ageing lines, to oil and dry skin.  Lush has a complete range of face masks which I’ve made my way around several

lush skincare

6) Spot treatments.

For years I’ve seen countless spot treatments around that contain unnecessary chemicals. I only use a couple spot treatments, Liz Earle’s roll on was probably my first, it was basically tea tree and now I use Lush‘s grease lightning which is also tea tree. See the comparison? Natural and basic spot fighting remedy – yes it works.  If you have an angry looking spot, the worst thing to do is whip out the Clearasil and burn it, this just creates more damage, and most likely results in scars. Nobody wants a scared face from spots!

lush skincare

One big no no: BABY/FACE WIPES.

Do you actually know how long ago those face wipes were made? Do they even have an expectation date? Probably not because they’re packed full of chemicals and parabens that are harmful on your face. Those wipes may have been sat on a shelf for months before coming to the store, they contain ingredients you’ve never heard of and numbers you don’t recognise. Wipes dry out the skin in a very bad way, they drag the skin and are ridiculously harsh to take eye makeup off with. Now yes, the proper way takes longer, but I’d rather spend more time and treat my skin right. Wipes are now used to clean makeup from my desk, they don’t go anywhere near my face.

If you’re unsure on what the ingredients are, Google them! Check out the brand’s website, contact the company yourself for more information. Whether you’re just starting off using skincare products, or have been using harsh chemical based products for years, it’s time to go natural. Your skin will thank you.

  • i'm going to have to go into lush and look at cleanser, toner and moisturiser in there at some point. i've always avoided the place because the smell as you walk past makes me sneeze and my eyes and nose run and i just think "why would i want to put something on my skin that causes that without even being near it!"

    i barely wear make up any more (mostly just mascara, if that) and i use No 7 cleanser, cleansing water and toner which has definitely cleared my skin up a bit, but i get these annoying sort of weird blister/lump type things around my jaw and chin. i try to avoid moisturising because of this since i'm not sure if adding moisture to a lump full of water on my face is the best idea. i normally end up whacking on a blob of sudocrem instead…

    • It might just be in initial smell, honestly it's not so bad when you've been in there awhile, arm yourself with tissues and a bottle of water, head to somewhere where there isn't as many naked products, find a chair and ask for a skincare consultation! Hopefully being distracted from the overall smell will also help you not to feel the effects as much. Definitely check the ingredients on what you're using right now though, and if you really care bare to go in a shop, email me at and I can talk you through what would be suitable for your skin (as I work there myself) maybe then you could order online? xx

    • yea, ordering online would probably be my best bet. it's all the bath bombs and perfumed things that hit me worst. i think i'd mostly just be after a moisturiser that isn't too… wet, if that makes sense. (also preferably one that doesn't have a removable lid because i'm FOREVER taking the lids off moisturisers and forgetting to replace them, then not wanting to use them again! haha)

      thanks for replying. x

  • I don't know where i can buy Lush products but after this i'm even more sure that i want to try.. i'm going to search for a store right now 😉
    Thanks for the amazing post!


  • Ohh, I love Lush products! The Tea Tree Water is fantastic, one of my favourites 🙂

  • Lovely post! I agree about facial wipes they do absolutely nothing for ur skin xx

  • I really need to try some lush products! 🙂

  • Agree about putting wipes on your face – I get rashes if I do! I find make up remover lotions are far more gentle on your skin

    Isabella (@isabellamaria88)


  • Lovely post. I use a really gentle exfoliator you can use every day, by Paula's Choice. The thing that really put me off using wipes was I used one on my tablecloth one day to wipe off a make up spill. The face wipe took the colour out of it! What the HELL do they do to our faces?! Ugh ugh ugh. x x

  • This post is really helpful as I never know what to use in my skincare routine and what I need and don't need. I don't think I'll be able to get the lush products on my tiny student budget but this has been so helpful to me.

  • KLP

    Awesome post Georgina!

    I'm guilt of not thinking that toners matter. Now you have me curious—and I have another reason to pay my friends at Lush a visit!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  • Hey, do you know if lush have any products that are particularly good at getting rid of redness on skin, and scars that have been left from spots?! you seem quite the lush expert!! 🙂