Skincare That Does What It Says On The Bottle, But It Doesn’t Excite

I always find it really difficult to write about skincare that does what it says on the bottle. It isn’t exciting, they’re products that haven’t wowed me, and they’re products that I’ve not been reaching for, other than to test them for this write up. It doesn’t mean that the products are bad, they’re just not anything that I would personally buy.


Naobay Moisturizing Peeling £10

‘Infused with natural peeling particles from the Acai palm tree, the milk gently exfoliates skin to eliminate dead skin cells and impurities, revealing a smoother, more refined texture. Utilising a hydrating blend of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Gotu Kola Extract, the delicate formula soothes, replenishes and moisturises to leave your complexion soft and comfortable with restored luminosity.’ 

It sounds amazing but it really doesn’t do much on my lumpy and bumpy, oily skin. There are plenty of other peeling products on the market than offer a much better effect for around the same price, but my personal favourite is double the price (from Merumaya) and works 100x harder than this.


Skinfix Range

The Skinfix range is definitely the best out of all of these products. Known for their incredible eczema hand cream and for being great for sensitive skin, they’ve recently brought out a skincare line. My problem isn’t that they aren’t good products, the Foaming Oil Cleanser at £14.99 is actually really great, it takes away makeup incredibly fast and effectively, but the other creams in the range just seem overpriced for what they are. Sure they DO what they say, but they don’t particularly feel amazing, the Hydrating Lotion seems a bit watery on the skin and it definitely wouldn’t be a good everyday foundation for under makeup. The Moisture Boost definitely provides a boost but I feel the £29.99 price tag is too high for what it does. This brand comes with fantastic reviews and test studies, by on my 22 year old, severely oily and spotty skin, it just wasn’t love.

natural spa factory

Natural Spa Factory 

This is just another case of a brand being too highly priced for what the products do, for me to be able to recommend them. The Day Cream with Pomegranate, Grapeseed, and Sweet Almond Oil at £25.00 appears to be lovely at first, but it dries on your skin with no evidence of it ever being there. Sure it has some great ingredients, but something just doesn’t work in this formula as there’s no actually noticeable moisture. At least, not on my skin anyway. The toner water at £22 is way overpriced, and it really doesn’t do much for the skin at all. The Gel Cleanser with Rose Oil Honey at £22.5o was pleasant enough, but I found the packaging annoying. I do love the colour of it though.


I really did adore the Bioderma suncare products I took on holiday, but their face products? I’m really not loving them. The Micellar water that everyone goes on about does work, but you have to use quite a lot, rub your face heavily, and then you’ll still need to clean properly so I really don’t get the point of them. The moisturising cream for ‘very dehydrated, sensitive skin’ felt more like a very wet serum, sure it works, but it doesn’t create a good base, or feel nice at all to make me want to use it.

Overall I was just unimpressed. Sure these all do what they say, but most don’t warrant their high price tag, and none of them left my skin looking or feeling amazing.

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  • Kathryn

    I have been sent so many skincare products from indie brands. I’d love to feature more of them but at least half of them don’t really do much. It’s such a shame.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow