Skincare Roundup Featuring New Obsession from AfterSpa

You know you’re getting older when you get ridiculously excited over amazing face cloths. AfterSpa sent me some of their products whilst I was away on holiday and obviously with them just looking like regular cloths, I didn’t rush to use them. Oh boy, how naive I was. I am now obsessed. I am constantly using and washing them, constantly, I can go around a day without one and then I have to ask where they are and make Alfie bring them back to my bathroom. I really wasn’t expecting to like them so much, but that’s just how good they are. Like with all my reviews, it’s not all amazing, and I really didn’t get one with the smaller pink ones, Cleaning Puffs. They felt like brillo pads so there was no way I was putting that on my face, but the Afterspa Bath and Shower Facial Micro Scrubber is amazing, and the Afterspa Bath and Shower Round Dual Texture Scrubber. They are SO stained with makeup that I’m going to need to replace them, but they’ve made taking off ridiculous stubborn makeup, an absolute breeze. It’s been easier on my chronic pain, and better on my skin too! These are of course cruelty free! It’s £6 for the Micro Scrubber and £6.50 for the huge round one, woah, I was actually expecting more! Adding to my Boots basket right now (that looks like the best place to buy them from). It’s weird to want to rave around cloths so much, but they’re definitely the best I’ve ever tried (including better than the Grogan favourite of Liz Earle Muslin Cloths!) 

I’m so excited to finally be trying out something from GlamGlow and I’m starting with this Supermud Clearing Treatment at £39.99 and some other little samples (which I really loved!). This one is better for normal to oily skin, so I definitely tick that box. It helps with all sorts of skin concerns like spots, and redness, and it’s a mud formula that helps the skin’s oil balance using charcoal. It’s quite exfoliating when you’re applying it and washing it off and I really liked that, I feel like you’re getting more for your money as your skin is also getting a little buffing!
It’s paraben and sulphate free too, always a plus.
I’m on about 5 masks already and the tub is looking good, I’m really optimistic about how long this is going to last. So far it’s been great on my oily skin and I’m really enjoying using it. I think Glamglow is going to be a new favourite of mine! The samples were also fab, the green one was more moisturising so I used that on my drier days. I can definitely see why people love GlamGlow so much!

Instant Effects: Instant Lash – £24.99

I’m currently trying out this new lash treatment that can make lashes up to 54% thicker in just 2 weeks. I’m unfortunately using it too sparsely, but even with a few uses I’m already noticing a small difference! It can regrow brows in 4-8 weeks, and make lashes up to 20% longer. It’s a new patented formula that won’t irritate your eyes (many I’ve used actually sting!) and is a lot more gentle. I’m really excited to see the full results from this. It’s such a great price, and you can get even more for your money by using it as a mascara primer! I don’t like that they potentially confuse customers with that lashes will be ‘20% thicker in 2 minutes’, I mean they look thicker because they’ve got formula on them, I think that needs to be more specific! But that aside, it’s definitely the most gentle lash treatment I’ve ever used and I’m really impressed so far! I’ll update this with my final thoughts in a few weeks.

Simply Argan is pure luxury. Here I have the Simply Argan Night Oil (15ml) at £24, currently £12! And the Simply Argan Oil (50ml) at £30, currently £14. The reason that this is quite expensive is that it is so pure, tested, and certified, as well ethically sourced. You know you’re buying an amazing quality product when you buy from Simply Argan Oil Shop, it’s also the best time to shop with amazing discounts! Everyone knows by now how amazing Argan oil is, you can use it on food, hair, skin, nails, even in baths. These products come in airless packaging for optimum use and quality, they’re best used within 6 months and are by far the best Argan Oil products I’ve used. Of course they’re not tested on animals are are 100% natural. Simply Argan Oil Shop have tonnes of incredible looking products on their website, and obviously they all have argan oil. You can definitely feed your obession here!

Purelogicol Anti-Gravity Regenerating Serum – £69

So this is a super impressive serum that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients include Nano-Vitamins A, C, F, and E which help repair the skin and give it a real youthful glow. As well as Silk, Collagen, Jojoba Oil, and Hyaluronic acid. This also has little gold pigments in which means your skin instantly looks brighter and glowing too. It’s paraben free and made in the UK. It’s now made its way upstairs for my parents to use as I don’t need anything heavy duty for anti-ageing just yet. I love the packaging of this, it’s overall just very luxurious and it feels amazing.

I was really surprised with the Gatineau Peeling Expert Pro-Radiance Anti-ageing Gommage at £40. I used it pretty much the second it arrived and I instantly fell in love. I love anything that’s exfoliating and peeling, without the harshness of an exfoliator. This is described as a ‘professional-strength’ peeling exfoliator with anti-ageing properties included. It’s a very thick, menthol-infused white cream that you should apply in circular motions, leave it on for a couple minutes and wash it off, or leave it for 20 minutes and it’ll turn into a peel-off mask! It really tingles and cools on the skin and you can definitely feel something happening. It has almond oil, sunflower oil, and enzyme technology to combat dead skin cells. It reminds me of the Merumaya one, but this is more expensive and a tad more tingly on the skin. I would have probably been better off with the Microdermabrasion version but it never hurts to use anti-ageing skincare at 22! My skin feels and looks amazing every single time I use this.

Urban Veda Purifying Range for Oily skin has really impressed me. We’ve used it SO fast and everything has been so utterly enjoyable. I received the Daily Purifying Facial Wash at £12.99, this was amazing to use in the morning, it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to help control oil and breakouts. It tingled with the tea tree and calmed with the eucalyptus, it was even great at removing makeup. The Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish at £13.99 is equally as enjoyable, it’s a microbead-free exfoliator that’s light enough to be able to use daily. I also received the Purifying Hydrating Toner at £13.99, which has by far been the best toner I’ve used in years. It was so awesome at keeping my oil controlled and I’ve actually used it all already! It’s not pictured as the first one arrived empty and I had already took the photos before a replacement was offered. The final product I received from this range was the Purifying Protecting Night Cream at £19.99. My skin hates heavy products overnight and I often badly breakout before morning but this is a fantastic, lightweight cream that doesn’t congest the skin.


Finally, I got to try out some things from a brand I hadn’t heard of before, Ihana Skincare. I’ve really been enjoying their  Beri-Activ Cleansing Gel at £20.00. It’s a fantastic gel to milk formula that takes off your makeup and leaves your skin feeling beautifully smooth. It many berry ingredients (hence the name) including cranberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, and cloudberry to name a few. These ingredients work to brighten the skin, calm it down, help nourish, and even have anti-ageing properties.

The last product is the Beri-Activ Hydrating Day Cream at £48.00. This is a super luxurious day cream that has the same combination of berries inside and therefore is the perfect thing to use after the cleanser. With me having such oily skin throughout the day it means that I only need the tiniest amount of this if I’m not wearing makeup. It does absorb quite fast though, but it’s still just a touch too heavy for me.

Have you tried any of these products before?


This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.
  • Chantel

    I get so excited for skin care products. Thanks for sharing.

  • I ADORE the AfterSpa micro scrubber – mine is now as bogging as I’m sure yours is! But just THINK of all the cotton pads we’ve saved the planet since we started using them! I think the pack specifies to replace after 60 days, which means mine has pretty much outlived its useful life now…

    Totally agree on the pink Brillo pads though, lol.

    Lis / last year’s girl x