Skincare I’ve Used On My Oily Skin This Winter

The other month I ended up writing 18 posts in one week, it’s my all time record, and it’s definitely not going to happen again by the looks of things! Obviously at the time I thought I was a demi-god reincarnated so I took Halloween themed photos, assuming that this post would be out before Halloween. We all know it’s not. So let’s pretend that those scary looking pumpkins are pretty little office decorations. Anything that’s not Halloween or Christmas themed and just carry on with products for oily skin as it’s I’m not super behind…

Urban Veda Neem + Botanics Purifying Facial Oil – £29.99

I really do adore Urban Veda but especially their Purifying range as it’s better for spot prone, oily skin. This facial oil contains moringa ol and neem oil which have antibacterial properties and help to calm problemed skin down. Oily skin still needs moisture, it just needs the right ingredients and this is a great way to have both. This range seems to have a tingly feeling and I love it, it’s so refreshing.

Oily Skin, urban veda

Argan+ 5-Oil Infused Cleanser 150ml – £3.99

After you use this product for the first time, it’s hard to believe that I costs £4. This Argan oil based cleanser is actually beautiful and it melts your makeup right off, and leaves your skin looking clean and feeling amazing. It’s full of such wonderful ingredients like Vitamin E, and has a total of 4 other oils in it including Moringa, Sancha, Kukui, and Baobab. It’s also micro-bead free too! I also use this as a second cleanse after an oil based cleanser to take off any last bits and it’s amazing.

Oily Skin, argan+5

Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask – £16.00

I don’t think I’ve ever fell in love with a facemask as quick as this one. This is truly such an incredible product, so much so that I’ve completely used up the tub now, and I wouldn’t let anyone else touch it. I have such oily, spot prone skin and it really annoys me. This is called a ‘spot-busting mask’ that ‘controls sebum levels’ and ‘prevents breakouts’, this product does not lie. It does it all! My skin looks so flawless after I use this, I look so fresh and clear. This is actually a mask that I would purchase and to say I have about 30 facemasks right now, today I really wanted and needed this one, none of my others compare.

Oily Skin, tropic skincare

I did try out some more products from Tropic Skincare but they didn’t impress me nearly as much as the facemask did. The SMOOTHING CLEANSER complexion purifier (£16) is definitely a cleanser that needs a cloth to wash it off properly, I found that out the hard way! It does come with a cloth though so that makes sense. With the cloth, you have a hot cloth cleanser! Smother you face is this avocado and jojoba oil cleanser and then gently wipe it away with a 100% organic, bamboo fibre cloth! It smells gorgeous but there are much better cleansers in this post and it’s not one that I reach for a lot.

The SUPER GREENS nutrient boost serum at £42 smells like it’s going to be good for your skin. It basically smells like one of those super healthy smoothies that you can buy. It’s described as a ‘healthy shot’ that gives a ‘boost’ to your skin and it really does. It’s a green serum, literally, and contains green coffee, kale, marula oil and vitamins to help with numerous skin problems. A little goes a long way so you only need a couple drops to do your entire face.


Oily Skin, tropic skincare

Timb Bomb PEACE + QUIET Coconut Cleansing Oil – £25

I’ve tried so many great products from Time Bomb so I really had high hopes for this new cleansing oil, and it did not disappoint. It very gently melts away your makeup, even the heaviest of makeup, with ease. It’s so beautiful to use and you only need a few pumps. I’ve been using this so much and it’s been my go to! It doesn’t leave your skin feeling like an oily slick, and it comes right off with water instead!

Oily Skin, timebomb cleanser

It’s so important to be kind and gentle to your skin, and that’s why I am obsessing over the new Superdrug Face mask range! They’re all based on superfoods and kitchen favourites, They’re completely cruelty free and vegan, and there’s quite a range! I’ve tried the Blueberry, Kale, Charcoal, Coconut, and Avocado & Oat mask so far. I’ll definitely be buying the Coffee one next! They’re chunky little tubs at £4.99 each and I can’t recommend them enough! They remind me of Lush Fresh Masks, except these thankfully last longer!


Oily Skin, superdrug facemasksOily Skin, superdrug facemasks

Have you tried any good skincare lately?

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