Skechers, Leggings and Coconoil – Gym Series Continued

After far too many weeks of feeling as if my back could snap at any given minute, the gym
has been on the back of my mind. It’s annoying as I really loved going to the
gym and working out as it was helping the pain caused by a car accident last
year. But, I’ve allowed it, when you’re in absolute agony and you can’t physically stand, it’s not exactly the best idea to run to the gym everyday and
make it worse. Therefore, I’m on a little break, just until some physio and
Doctors reassure me that I haven’t completely broken myself and I’m fine to go
Skechers Bikers Hot Ticket Shoes from Shoetique, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
However, from my many months of having the gym bug, I did get to try out quite a lot of fun things to help me on my way with motivation. Including the comfiest pair of trainers ever, which I now can’t live without. My Skechers Bikers Hot Ticket Shoes from Shoetique have been the best thing ever. Usually with my wide feet, if I’m on them for long periods of time in silly little shoes, I will be in absolute agony. When I first started the gym, I was in a panic to find comfy shoes which would enhance my workout and not get in the way.


I have the Skechers in a size 6 as I was told they’d be fine for wide feet and I’m over
the moon that they are. These particular Skechers do not have laces and
instead you do have to pry your feet into them, it’s not too difficult but I
always struggle with one foot. They stay in place throughout my entire workout
and bend with my feet so I’m not restricted on any machines at all. I only wish
I knew about these in my retail days as they would have been amazing for the
Christmas rush! SHOE PLACE stock an amazing collection of brands and at only
£44 for these Skechers and I can not recommend them enough. If you have wide feet, or not, and just need a pair of gym shoes that will last, then these are
the shoes for you.
I have also
been trying out a pair of Tummy Control With Figure Firming High Waist Leggings at £30 from TLC Sport, as they saw
my gym series and thought they’d be perfect for me. I have actually been
looking for a pair of sports leggings in plus sizes since the end of last year
with no luck at all. Everyone seems to stop at an 18 which simply would not do
for my thighs. I’m so happy that they’re completely black to as going to the
gym and wearing gym clothes is completely out of my comfort zone as it is, but
wearing black certainly isn’t. When I first opened up the parcel I was in fits
of laughter at how tiny the leggings looked and I never thought I’d be able to get them on.
Tummy Control With Figure Firming High Waist Leggings, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
looking at the size and reassuring myself that they were a 22 or 4XL as
labelled, I got myself all excited and determined to get into them. It was
easy. A lot easier than I ever expected with the size of them, they feel so
thick and extremely good quality. The fit is basically spot on and I have big
22 thighs so I was really surprised. They’re said to make you look a size smaller and indeed my thighs did look tighter. They even pull all the way up to under my
bust, ensuring that I have no lumpy, unflattering lines down my body whilst I
exercising. They feel firm, secure and make me feel amazing. I’d even consider
wearing these as leggings in the Winter as they’re completely jet black and
basically like shapewear leggings!

Finally, as this may be my last post about the gym for a little while, I do
have to mention an absolute game changer in my life, Coconoil at 280g for £5.49.
It has been amazing to be able to roast, bake, fry and flavour food in coconut oil knowing how
good it is for all the health benefits. It’s also amazing to use on your hair
(not red hair though as it strips the colour!) and great to use as a general
moisturiser. Healthy  eating has never
tasted so good and I literally cannot cook without it now, it’s definitely
something I have easily adapted too and there’s only a slight coconut taste
which I love anyway.
Coconoil, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
This will probably be my last gym post in a little while but I hope you’ve all enjoyed it! Be sure to head back and look at….Being Plus Size at the Gym and Healthy Eating
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