Simply be Plus Size Fashion Haul

This is just a quick little post to show you all what I picked up from Simply Be during the sales. I’ve been eyeing these dresses up for weeks and thought I’d treat myself, I do love treating myself. Some aren’t in stock anymore, some are but maybe at other places but I will give you the details below….

First up is this beautiful Grazia Gold Maxi that I’ve had my eye on for months now, it finally came down to the very reasonable price of £20 in the sale. I sized up to a 22 as I thought it would be clingy and it definitely is. It’s super thin material and it’s meant to be long sleeved but I’ve rolled them up so suit my style more. You’d have to wear mega smoothing underwear unless you don’t mind having lumps and bumps everywhere. I don’t mind so much as it feels really comfortable and I love that it’s thinner and light weight, the side split is also a plus for more breeze and a little chic edge.

Simply be, plus size fashion Simply be, plus size fashion

I finally picked up another Voodoo Vixen dress, I always love them but they can be super pricey. In the sale this one came down to £26 and I snapped it up! I opted for a size 2XL as I didn’t want to size up as I knew I didn’t fit in 2XL in some places, but my boobs definitely do. This is rather tight on my bust, not so much uncomfortable but it’s borderline. I’m going to have to try different bras with this to see if I can get something with a little less padded and one that doesn’t push me up as much as I reckon the dress can definitely hold them. I love this print, colour and style. I actually bought it for when I do a tour of the Cat Cafe’s in the UK (lmao) you can check out my first experience with a cat cafe HERE and since then, I now want to visit every single one possible. As you can see I need a belt but then I’m good to go, they always make waists too long on plus size dresses for some reason, I don’t know many people that don’t have to belt the excess. This dress isn’t on Simply Be anymore or VV’s own website but you can get it on Crazy Clearance HERE.

Simply be Plus Size Fashion Simply be Plus Size Fashion

Another Grazia that is now out of stock – sorry everyone I realise that’s annoying! If you manage to spot this anywhere I got it in a 20 and it’s a tad tight around my waist, it kept rolling up whilst I was at Adele in it but for the £20 I paid I’m still happy with it. I love the look of this dress, it’s a little shorter than I would have liked but it’s great on a colder night with leggings. Quite a weird, itchy material too but they do say beauty is pain! I’ll definitely wear this again but it won’t be until it’s a lot colder as it’s quite thick.

Unfortunately it doesn’t get any better as this incredibly beautiful Junarose Black Maxi is also out of stock. I mean I’m over the moon that I finally grabbed one as I LOVE it and I’ve been stalking it on the website for months. My favourite of this little haul for definite, including out of the Sprinkle of Glitter Dress! This Crochet Black Dress was reduced down to £21 making it an absolute bargain from Junarose. I picked up a size 20, I thought I got bigger but my receipt says nope. It fits really well, not lose but lose enough that it’s not overly tight or tight at all. In fact it’s a little baggy on top and I can often see my bra but from a distance it just looks like the design with the mesh and crochet panels on top. I think it’s a stunning dress, light weight but it does have two layers so I don’t know if it’s the dress to wear on holiday or wear whilst travelling there, probably travelling as I don’t want to bake to death. It’ll be perfect for the English Summer though!

Simply be Plus Size Fashion Simply be Plus Size Fashion Simply be Plus Size Fashion Simply be Plus Size Fashion
What do you think? I did well, right!? To say these dresses were all £40 plus, I saved probably about 50%. I do love Simply Be!

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    June rose is amazing! And you are so cute in the kitties too! Love that colour on you x

  • I can’t believe the bargains you got!! I am in love with the last dress with the blue flower crown!! Xx

  • Ooooh the Grazia maxi is beautiful – you look stunning!!!

    C xx

  • Kimberley

    Gorgeous as ever! I can’t decide which my favourite is but I love the detailing on the Voodoo Vixen dress!

    Kimberley //