Simply Be Lace Trim Jersey Swing Dress

I know what you all must be thinking, another blue lacey dress? But look at it, how could I not? Technically, this was actually a Christmas present for my Mum (the same pretty much happened for the Blue Scarlett and Jo Lace Dress many moons ago) but as we absolutely spoilt her rotten, my adorable little brother said that I should have it instead as it was more ‘me’. Being the little (but much taller) brother, I thought it was wise to not argue and instead get this into my wardrobe as quickly as possible.
The Simply Be Lace Trim Jersey Swing Dress has been on my radar since it first came on the site to preorder late last year. I set my goal on owning it and I’m now a very happy girl. Despite being able to fit into a 20 in more places, Simply Be’s 20s are a no go for me, there’s just something oddly about them that means I can’t get it which does leave me with a few problems…..
Simply Be Lace Trim Jersey Swing Dress, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Sizing up does mean that normally I always have issues with my top half, I simply just don’t have the arms for a size 22 anything, which means I’m always left with things in the wrong places. Take where the arms start for example, they come much further down my arms and make the top of the dress look a tad unshapely. Size 22 clothes in Simply Be, normally come up a tad too big on my waist too so with this, it does look better with a belt but then as there’s so many material, it doesn’t look the best.

Without a belt you can see that it doesn’t give my the most incredible shape. Usually I like anything that cuts off at my elbow to draw more attention to my waist, however with this being longer, it does drown my 5’3 self in material a little too much. The sleeves are just too tight to be able to roll up, despite being bigger? You can obviously see my confusion.
Simply Be Lace Trim Jersey Swing Dress, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Despite minor design problems, I do love the dress. It’s easily glam which I can just throw on and not have to worry about at all. I like low maintenance dresses seen as my hair and face take so much upkeep. So far the lace has been nothing but amazing, it’s incredibly quality and there are no signs of fraying or wearing out from washing, which is an amazing change for lace.
Simply Be Lace Trim Jersey Swing Dress, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved


I was obviously not wearing the right bra at all, as with the material being quite thin, bras do show up when trying to maintain one’s bosoms in public. Overall for £35, it’s a beautiful dress if you’re into lace and are more proportionate in Simply Be sizes than I am. No doubt in the near future I will be cutting those sleeves down, there’s nothing funner than customising clothing!
What do you think to this dress?


PS: It’s still available in sizes 12 and then 16-28!


  • Love this dress as I have always been a fan of the swing style. I find SB sizing really odd at the moment and I often have to size up. I struggle with my shoulders being narrow so I often find get an odd fit across my shoulders or the sleeves are too long arrgh!!! Looking lovely as always xxx

  • Stunning navy blue lace dress!



  • This is a beautiful dress and you look great in it! Unfortunately, I have issues with the fit of Simply Be dresses … I have hench arms from swimming and often find my shoulders and biceps struggle to fit into my usual 18 but if I size up, I swamped everywhere else. I don’t get this problem in any other shops so I’m really unsure of what’s going on here!

    C xx

  • Stunning colour on you. Surprisingly works SO well with your hair, so beautiful!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I’m a sucker for lacey sleeves 😛 so cute

  • Love your hair colour against the blue dress.