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#SheHelped Promoting & Helping Women with Canesten is focussed on honouring women and they want to hear about women everywhere and the big or small things that they do to empower, encourage and support other women. Another amazing campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day which was this month and in honour of it, Canesten want to hear about amazing women, where ever and whoever they may be. Canesten actually help women around the world, especially those who are less fortunate than most of us such as refugee women who are affected by the Middle East crisis. They’ve donated Canesten products to the International Health Partners (CLICK HERE to donate), Europe’s largest charity coordinator that organises the safe and responsible donation of medical products and supplies to developing countries. How can you not love a brand for helping those who need it?

Canesten want to know, do you have any stories about being helped or inspired by another amazing woman that you’d like to share below? – If you do comment below in the and share your story, you could be in with the chance to win £50 in John Lewis vouchers!

I’m lucky enough to have a group of incredible women who I talk to on a daily basis, obviously including my mum. These women are all from different backgrounds, they lead very different lives and all have different experiences, they’re women that I can turn to whenever I have a problem however big or small. In this group we celebrate achievements, we stand up for each other, protect each other, listen to each other and most importantly, we’re just there for when ever someone needs a friend. It’s actually beyond lucky to have this, I do indeed realise that and I’m incredibly grateful.


#SheHelped Promoting & Helping Women with Canesten
There’s far too much competition in the world, jealously and just general negative energy so when you find a group of people that you can be positive with it’s important to hold on! We all have enough going on without critiquing each other and constantly putting people down. Who actually has the energy to be that negative all day long? I certainly don’t.

All you have to do is tell me a story about being helped or inspired by another amazing woman to have a chance of winning £50 in John Lewis vouchers!

Please note this is UK only, you must be 18+ to enter.


* This post has been supported by Canesten, but all thoughts are my own.

  • Vintage Fee

    Yes! Every word so true! We are all very lucky. <3

  • kitty kaos

    Love this there are sooo many inspiring women in my life right now I feel so blessed but I think the woman who always wins will be my mom she puts up with so much from me and lifts me up every day. Although there is a strong inspiring group who I am sure you know I couldn’t be without xx

  • Life’s Little Dream

    I love this post .Throughout the world there are many inspiring women . But I think my mum will always have to win . she never fails to make me smile and is always there for me .xx


  • ashleigh allan

    My mum is my inspiration – she is always there for me when i need her 🙂

  • Elena Davies

    The women I’ve met in the baby loss community are beyond incredible. There are so many who have lost more than one child but somehow keep putting one foot infront of the other as well as keep trying for their take-home baby. I would not have gotten through the last 8 months without them and I definitely wouldn’t have ever gotten through trying to conceive again or getting this far with this pregnancy without their support. And the sad part is that there are so many more of them out there than people realise. Women are wonderful! xx

  • Beverley

    A cancer nurse named Julie. She helped me so much.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Years ago I decided to do a sponsored 10 mile walk to raise money for a local charity and because I wasn’t very fit at the time and the walk involved a lots of hills and styles, I almost gave up at 7 miles. But one old lady there persuaded me to keep going and she stayed with me for the remaining 3 miles. If it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t have finished.

  • maci234

    my wife she has been my inspiration for the past 26 years

  • My Mum inspires me. The way she handles her life with MS is incredible. She never lets it get her down and embraces all the changes that have had to happen in her life over the past two decades. As I battle my own chronic illness, I look to my Mum who sets an incredible example. She’s truly inspirational to me. <3

  • Amy Fidler

    My Nan inspired me,she fought cancer for 2 years,very brave and still had a smile,and laughed x

  • Lindsey Stuart

    My granny was my inspiration she was an amazing lady! Very kind and never seen anybody stuck.

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  • jennhaden3

    My friend is a great inspiration for me. She’s working through a terrible condition that’s left her disabled, but she still fits on each day and is determined to get better. x

  • Vicky Cole

    My nan inspired me, my children say I am a lot like her which makes me proud

  • Kitty Wood

    My Nanna is an inspiration to me. She started her own business in a male dominated industry in 1991 that I now work for, as well as 15 other people. She is also now a full time carer for my Grandad and looks after him amazingly. She still finds time to be an amazing Great-Grandma to my step kids and generally being a bad ass.

  • Angela Louise

    My mum was my inspiration, i always wanted to be like her, she was so strong, and nothing seemed to affect her, she always had her head held high, she rose above whatever came her way. She was the most loving and kind lady i was ever fortunate to have in my life. Was always ready to help anyone. You dont get many people around like that these days, they are all out for thierselves. The world would be a much nicer place if we all helped each other. I was so glad to have her as my mum x

  • Jules Smith Eley

    My Nan has been a huge inspiration to me travelling from Ireland to the Uk at a very young age knowing no one and finding herself a place to live and a job and finally raising a lovely family, I don’t think i would be as brave at her age in the 1940’s 🙂

  • Suzanne Drummond

    last year on my 49th birthday i decided i needed to change my lifestyle my blood pressure was 219/98 i changed what i ate and started to excercise , just walking mind and my blood pressure has dropped to a normal rate and my joints are better and ive lost 3.5 stone i feel much fitter and have more energy im 50 in a few weeks and if i can change any one can x

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    my gran as always been an inspiration to me more so recently when she became house bound as she was still there for her family and me when my mum died

  • laura banks

    my mum always inspire me even when she was so ill she was still laughing and trying to do all the things the other mums did

  • Sinead ORourke

    My mum always told me to never give up on your dreams.

  • Jo Hutchinson

    An amazing and inspiring woman in my life was my Grandmother even when she became ill, she had a smile and a joke to tell.

  • Harline

    Ive learned to love the outdoors I met a retired head teacher through walking our dogs she has learnt me so much how to respect every living thing

  • Ruth Harwood

    My grandmother taught me to value myself xx

  • Julie Howarth

    My Mum always gave me valuable advice when I was growing up

  • Sara Goodman

    My sister is my rock. She always has good advice & always manages to make me feel better 🙂
    Super giveaway, thank you xx

  • vicky

    My best bud, she’s my rock, someone who I can ask for help or have a moan too or a cuddle and most importantly a laugh!

  • Natalie Crossan

    my mum has been a constant inspiration throughout. Battling family loss, ill health and single parenthood. She’s now become an amazing grandmother too x

  • Rena Plumridge

    My mum inspires me everyday, she was 86 yesterday and brought up 9 of us. She’s so happy and always helps out and never asks of amply of us.

  • vinny djdaffs@sky.com

    My mum passed away when i was 14 and my dad too.I’m now 37 and take every bit of advice my mum ever gave me to pass on now to my own children. I make sure i go for my smear tests as my mum passed of cervical cancer and i too try to spread the word to other women how important it is to go. She inspired me and still does xxxxx

  • Emma Nixon

    My workmate. Alway fundraising for 2 charities despite her own illness. Inspirational

  • My mum always shows how you can turn a negative into a positive, very inspirational.

  • VW

    My friend’s a huge inspiration. She is just bubbling with positivity all the time and can make your day instantly better as she’s real fun one to be around! She is also extremely selfless and does an insane amount of charity work, and never asks for anything back.

  • My Mum is my biggest inspiration. She’s been there for both me and my brother as we’ve endured health issues in the past couple of years and it means a lot knowing that I can be completely honest with her and she’s always there for me and for the rest of our family.

    Ellis – http://www.ellistuesday.com

  • Kellie Collister

    My mum always inspired me – she probably had the most to complain about in life but never did – she had a glass half full outlook and encouraged us to be the same

  • Maria P

    My granny was an amaying baker – I think she inspired me to learn a lot about baking 🙂 now it is one of my delicious hobbies 🙂

  • Claire

    My nan she was so strong and caring. She had a wicked sense of humour. she battled illness and retained her independence to the end she was my best friend

  • Kimberley Ryan

    My mum inspires me, she has suffered 3 major strokes and various other health issues, but she is the first person to volunteer to help fund raise for charities and is always on call when anyone needs help.

  • Kelly Hemmings

    My friend and work colleague enspires me. She’s a full time midwife who works her socks off, a full time mum to four kids, she’s the best friend you could have and is there for you no matter how busy she is. I’d love to have her heart and energy and I hope I can be everything she is one day!

  • Jenny Badger

    My mum inspires me! Over the last year she’s been caring for my grandmother and little sister but still will always make time for me and give me the confidence to know that I can do anything I want !

  • Helen A

    My mum. She does absolutely anything for anyone without a second thought without expecting anything in return. She works hard all week and looks after dad at weekends. She’s my best friend.

  • Jennifer Rhymer

    My mum who had a near fatal heart attack 5 years ago, her heart stopped twice in the ambulance on the way to hospital but she has recovered amazingly well and she has encouraged me to exercise with her & become fitter. She was told that only 7% survive what she went through! She looks after her grandchildren & lives each day like it’s her last. I’m very proud to call her my mum 🙂

  • Victoria Prince

    My mum has both helped and inspired me 🙂 she has been a fantastic role model and such an inspiration to me, and when I turned out to be severely disabled and require a high level of care she has continued to do that uncomplainingly and so selflessly – she never puts herself first. Of course she isn’t perfect 🙂 but I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, caring and inspirational mother

  • Susie Clayton

    Dr Amanda Tristram, gynae oncologist at Cardiff saved my mom’s life. She’s an incredibly clever surgeon, brilliant researcher, and the most personable and lovely lady. I am eternally grateful for her skill, and I take every opportunity to blow her trumpet!!!

  • Bryanna M

    My mother is a wonderful human being and taught me to bring humour and love to everything I do 🙂

  • Sheri Darby

    My mum, she taught us how to make the most of everything

  • haxell

    A teacher I had made me realize my true potential and I went on to do an Honours Degree and a Masters. If it hadn’t been for her I would not have had the confidence.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Jan Holden

    My older sister who at age 67 went to university and got her MA just shows it is never to late to achieve your dream.

  • TracyJo

    My mum, after raising her family, went to college and became a qualified Chef, cooking was something she always enjoyed and was very good at then achieved what she really wanted to do x

  • Oksana Fitzgerald

    my mum always gives a valuable advice. She is my inspiration!

  • Leila Benhamida

    My son great grandmother was my inspiration for living healthier God rest her soul

  • Adrian Bold

    My Mums been through such a lot in these last few years. But even during some of her harder times, she’s always been there to support me through my own highs and lows.

  • Sheila Reeves

    My Grandmother, she came to live with us when I was about 13, she was a great supporter to me in my teen years and when my Mum died she was a rock

  • GCforever

    I volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Africa which was run by an utterly amazing Italian woman called Sylvia. Words are completely useless when trying to describe the path she has chosen; the walls she is having to climb; the hours she works and the love, patience and compassion she has for the animals and those who she meets along the way. If the Italians had damehoods, she would have won a gong a long time ago. In the absence of anything like that, the rest of us just just count our blessings for having met and worked with her for a while.

  • neringa pakulyte

    my sister has been a shoulder to lean on over the last year as my son is really ill she has driven all over london and kent picking us up and taking us to hospitals took her holidays to stay in london with us when aron had his brain surgery i love my sister

  • cjh123

    My daughter has been an inspiration to me. After 30 years of marriage to find him cheating my world fell apart. My daughter who is only 21 has shown me how to enjoy life being single, travelled with me to countries I never knew existed and made me realise happiness comes from within yourself and not to rely on others for it. Thank you Charlotte x

  • Cristín Williams

    My mum is an inspiration to me, she has always worked hard to look after her five children and even now that she is retired she has opened a holiday home.

  • Daphne

    My mum was a very strong woman and still thought of others even during her last illness

  • claire s

    My mum! Always laughing, even when things go wrong, she shows me how important it is to see the positive things in life.

  • leeanne

    My mum. She had breast cancer twice and sadly passed away 10 years ago and I recently chose to have a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction (had the op last week) because of the high risk I have of contracting the disease.
    I have a long recovery ahead but she raised me to know that beauty is only skin deep and that you are more than just a pair of boobs x

  • Fred_Baron

    My mother and grandmother are my biggest inspirations. Two generations of women whose ideals and morals helped shape me into the person I am today. Their stoicism, warm natures, and sense of humour showed that life can tackled with positivity and verve, no matter the situation, with plenty of smiles and laughter along the way 🙂

  • Ellie Jones

    My mum she was a fighter and kept working right till the end even though she was really poorly