#SheffieldBBloggers Goodie Bag & Raffle Prizes!

I know it’s taken me quite a while, but with a goodie bag this grand, I just couldn’t take photos that did the bag justice. Not that I have, but I will to the hashtag at the bottom and you’ll be able to find some incredible posts on the goodie bag from the #SheffieldBBloggers event. I had so much fun planning the event, and thankfully creating a goodie bag was the most enjoyable and easiest part.

I wanted companies to be involved who the bloggers would actually use and love, I didn’t want Heather, Ashleigh and I to just contact anyone, as we agreed we didn’t want a bag of mismatched things that would never be used. Instead, we listed all of our favourite brands, and brands that we have worked with before and set out to work with them on this. We knew that we wanted to make sure the brands got as much exposure as possible, and that the bloggers didn’t just treat the bag as ‘freebies’ that they could just forget about. So, at the event, we insisted that everyone had a good rummage, try out the brands and products and take to Twitter with their thoughts. This made the hashtag incredibly busy all day and it was fantastic to see everyone love the contents and find out about some brands that were new to them. Being mainly beauty bloggers, we definitely focused on all things beauty, with a few extras including…

#SheffieldBBloggers Goodie Bag & Raffle Prizes, Sheffield bloggers
#SheffieldBBloggers Goodie Bag & Raffle Prizes!
Balance Active Formula Day & Night Cream
#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers

#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers



#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers
#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers
#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers
#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers

Deborah Milano
Vanilla Shimmer Midi Ring

Flurt Frozen Yoghurt And a big thank you to The Blogger Program for supplying the bags!

#Sheffieldbbloggers goodie bag, sheffield bloggers

If you’ve read the first instalment of the #SheffieldBBloggers event, you’ll that that I stumbled across Look Good Feel Better on Twitter and immediately knew that we should have them receive the money from our charity raffle. Jan, an absolutely beautiful woman who has volunteered for the charity for over 19 years now, attended the event and had her own table where she could show everyone the amazing work that the charity does and answer any questions. The bloggers all took the chance to really find out more, and were incredibly generous with their donations and raffle ticket buying as we managed to raise £250!
The companies were SO generous with the raffle and everyone was definitely grateful, including Jan who was blown away. Jan even managed to win herself a Vivienne Westwood! The full list of raffle prizes was completely amazing and many bloggers went away incredibly happy…

#SheffieldBBloggers raffle prizes, sheffield bloggers event

#SheffieldBBloggers raffle prizes, sheffield bloggers event

#SheffieldBBloggers raffle prizes, sheffield bloggers event

#SheffieldBBloggers raffle prizes, sheffield bloggers event

#SheffieldBBloggers raffle prizes, sheffield bloggers event

A big thanks to….

Argan Dew Hair Oil and Mask Samples

OPI Nail Varnish Gift Set

Balm UK Makeup Bundle

Taupe  & Pearl Jewellery

4 Vivienne Westwood rings from Silvertree

Furless Cosmetics Brush Set

2 Jewel Candles

Candy Rock Necklace

4 Handmade Burger Meal for 2 Vouchers

Passion for Naturals Bundle

BTX Hair Treatment from Fruition Hair Sheffield

Full HD Brows Treatment from Kim at Boudoir Salon

Nourish Gift Set From Only Naturals

Nourish Gift Set From Nourish

6 Perfumes from Fragrance Direct

London Retro Sunglasses of your choice from Sunglasses Shop

Bee Good Bundle

Cocoa Brown Fake Tan Gift Set

Trusted Health Products AM & PM

La Roche Posay Bundle

Thank you so much to all the brands who got involved and to all the amazing bloggers who made the day so special. I’m definitely thinking of organising another event for next year and I’m excited already!

  • Ickle Pickle

    Goodness me, Mummy would LOVE a goody bag like that! Well done for what sounds like a fab event x

  • What an amazing goody bag!! I would be in heaven looking through all that stuff!

  • Ah I love a great goody bag! Hopefully I could attend next years 🙂


  • Kate Musgrove

    Blimey, so glad there’s so much support for the blogging community and brands that are willing to give to help this wonderful charity. Looks like an amazing goody bag, credit to you and the other girls for organizing it x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    • It was amazing the support we received! Thank you I had so much fun doing so!