Sheffield Bloggers Meetup in Meadowhall!

The Sheffield Blogger Meetup was an event that I had literally been looking forward too all year! I secured my place pretty early on and was really excited to finally meet more Sheffield based (or at least close by) bloggers. Since the Meetup at the beginning of August I’ve already seen some of these lovely ladies again! Organised by the lovely Siobhan from The Beauty Bake(with a tiny bit of help from myself for goodie bag and raffle contributions) the event was absolutely amazing. It was great to have a small group so we could all talk and get to know each other better. It started around 2pm at Meadowhall, however unfortunately for me that was the week where I was in a little car accident and wasn’t feeling the best. Nevertheless, I piled on my makeup, took some tablets and headed there rather late as I didn’t want to completely let everyone down. Since working at Meadowhall, it hasn’t become my favourite place and as I arrived the shopping was in full swing with the Sheffield Bloggers’ arms full of bags from just about everywhere. Soon it was time to stop shopping and head to Las Iguanas for some tapas and cocktails. I absolutely love it there and Las Iguanas is probably one of my favourite places to eat in Meadowhall as the cocktails are amazing (and always on offer!).


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The group photo was taking by Jaye, I slightly ruined it by baking out of funny faces at the last minute and laughing instead….
las iguanas meadowhall
Kim from Kim’s Beauty Drawer (who I first met at the Flurt Event) and I decided that we wanted to do tapas properly so we ordered quite a few dishes and set them out around us. Kim has incredible knowledge on all the good restaurants in Sheffield so I was keen to ask her about some places that I’ve been wanting to go to. It was absolutely delicious and we were really happy with our choices.
las iguanas meadowhall
las iguanas meadowhall
las iguanas meadowhall
las iguanas meadowhall
sheffield blogger meetup, las iguanas meadowhall
sheffield blogger meetup, las iguanas meadowhall
Whilst in Las Iguanas we opened up our goodie bags which revealed an amazing collection of products from so many different brands. There was everything from makeup, food and even accessories! Thank you so much to all the brands: Nair, Metcalfe’sNivea, Cocoa Brown, Nanshy, Hotel Chocolate, W7, Steam Cream, Suti, Simple, Benefit, John Freida, Kiss Air Wax Melt, Playboy makeup lipstick, Makeup Academy, Happy Box Company, Beauty Chamber, PopchipsNeal and Wolf, Elf Cosmetics, NSPA, Scarlett Fashion, Ginvera and many more!
Sheffield bloggers meetup, goodie bag
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After the meal we headed outside to do the amazing raffle and for some fresh air. I was fortunate enough to win a gorgeous pair of Raybans from Shade Station! They’re red velvet and fit amazingly. They sit on my face as if they were made for me, and my makeup doesn’t smudge off like with other sunglasses. There were prizes from Cocoa Juvenate, Benefit and more! Everyone then headed off to Lush Meadowhall where I heard they had an amazing time! I was just too tired to keep going so I called it a night. Besides, working there means I already knew what we were doing!
shade station, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved, red velvet raybans
A list of the beautiful bloggers who attended are….
Siobhan from The Beauty Baker
Frankie from Crazy Blonde Gal
Kirstie from Short Lashes
Eloise from Mallow Beauty Blog
Lucy from Louminous
Jaye Dry from Jayes Journal
Sophie from Sophie’s books and beauty
Faye from Lace Louboutins and leather
I had an amazing time, thank you so much to everyone involved!