#ShareTheLove with Intellicig

Intelligic have started the #ShareTheLove campaign to help promote their handy new ‘share a starter kit’ that has recently been released. The campaign is all about making people think how they can share happiness and fortune with others, as well as giving them ideas on how to do so. I was recently contacted to not only allow my parents, who are both smokers, to try out the ‘share a starter kit’ but to also share the love by giving us two Nails inc Vouchers to have manicures. Straight away I wanted to share this experience with my Mum, as we seemed to be joined at the hip lately. The campaign is an amazing idea and Intellicig have even wrote a blog post on 11 Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day, which is such a beautiful idea and people should definitely do more of the things on the list. Sharing the love doesn’t have to be something over the top or expensive, it could simply be just checking in with someone, wishing them well, arranging a catch up over coffee, or as Intellicig mention in their blog, simply opening the door for someone. Small things can really make the difference and we should all definitely start doing more of them.
For me, I’ve recently noticed I do a lot more little things for strangers than ever before. More subconsciously than anything. Such as smiling at people passing, or making a conversation with people whilst you’re at the bus stop, shopping or just simply around others. I’ve found that I’m a lot more patience with retail staff, after recently leaving my retail job, I know how horrible the world can be. I also go out of my way to open doors, but I do always seem to get the people who take forever. For the #ShareTheLove campaign, my mum and I are going to start pampering our nails more, starting with using the voucher! Our nearest Nails inc place is in Debenhams, Meadowhall which obviously means we’ll have to shop at the same time.


My parent’s have only just started to try out Intellicig and after a day of my mum complaining that she didn’t have any cigarettes, she tried an Intellicig to see if that would help her craving. Her exact words were that they didn’t make her want to kill anyone, which of course, is a positive. They don’t really taste of anything, and not a lot of artificial smoke comes out of the mouth afterwards. However, it does light up and you do have to put it to your mouth and breathe in, thus, creating the psychological effect of smoking. My parent’s have been smoking throughout their adolescent and adult lives. They are addicted. They’ve tried to stop many times before, but life has always got in the way of that. Some weeks, they do dramatically cut down, however others they chain smoke as if it is going out of fashion. Intellicig is a great way to make smoking a little better for your health, with EcoPure Infills it’s one of the most popular ways to quit smoking and finger’s crossed this might be the time they actually stop for good!
To carry on sharing the love, Intellicig are giving me another set of 2 Heavenly hands Manicure vouchers for Nails inc. to give away!


  • beckys beautique

    I’d share this with my mum as a girly pamper treat! x
    Rebecca – http://www.beckysbeautique.co.uk

  • Angela White

    would share with my niece

  • Elaine Dale

    would share with my daughter

  • liz ferguson


  • Sue Menzies

    I would share them with my mum as she really deserves a treat.

  • Howard Young

    My daughters

  • Tracey Peach

    My Best Friend xxx

  • kim neville

    My daughter

  • laura stewart

    my mum xx

  • Janet Humphrey

    my mom – loves her nails manicures

  • Helen Battle

    i would share it with my friend Amelia

  • cassie fraser

    My little sister!

  • Lianne Wightman

    id share this with my mum whos had a pretty rubbish year, it would help cheer her up!!

  • chris2468

    Comment on this post saying who you’re going to share the vouchers with! :)……………..my best friend aka my sister in law

  • Phil O’neill

    My Wife

  • Eva Vida

    My lovely daughter 🙂

  • Hannah Lord

    I’d share with my mum 🙂 x

  • Angie Hoggett

    with my lovely mum!

  • Dominique Orlowski

    my daughter

  • Victoria Lee

    Would share them with my best friend so we can have a good old girly day

  • victoria

    Would share with my friend who needs cheering up and a bit of pampering xx

  • Norma Macdonald Robertson

    fantastic for my daughter

  • Emma Ferguson

    I would share them with my lovely mum

  • Donna Large

    i would share them with my step mum

  • Laura Pritchard

    With my sister 🙂

  • Debra Winfield

    my mom

  • June Gaynor

    My BF Marion

  • Emma Gallagher

    My best friend Jackie

  • Charlotte Hood

    Would take my mum!

  • Claire Woods

    I would share this with my Mum.

  • Dorothy Cavender

    with my mum

  • kathycakebread

    with my friend

  • Katy

    My sister

  • Kelandab

    My lovely sister 🙂

    Kel Ellen Hirst

  • Katie Lou

    I’d share with my bestie


    I would share this with my sister Gemma

  • Vicki Hennie

    i would share with my mum

  • Katie Kingsbury

    My Mum.

  • LeeLee Newsome

    I’d share with my mum on her birthday

  • My partner… she deserves a treat 🙂

  • Id share with my sister 🙂

  • Jodie Yorke

    my twin sister x

  • shirlz51

    I will share with my granddaughter

  • NaomiB

    My sister x

  • elaine stokes

    my mum

  • anneka hulse

    i would treat my mum

  • Gwyn

    My mum x

  • Natalie White

    I’d share with my best mate, who is coming back from Australia soon! 🙂

  • Laura Vitty

    I’d take my best friend 🙂

  • Jessica Cook

    My best friend

  • Elaine B

    my Mum 🙂 Great giveaway!! x

  • Princess Kayti Boo

    my mummy xx fab prize

  • Nicola White

    my sister xx

  • paul m

    My Partner

  • Lucy carter

    My mum

  • Chris Fletcher

    I’d share them with the missus!

  • Robert Price

    My Grand Daughter

  • matthew Bayliss

    The better half!

  • Sarah R

    With my best friend!

  • Saisse Sanders

    My best friend, us tired mummies could use a treat x

  • Tiggerific Thomasine Walkey

    my gorgeous niece Elaine Taylor

  • Gemma Chantler

    My sister

  • Katie Walden

    My mum 🙂

  • kim1957uk

    My friend Dee. We are both Nails Inc addicts!!!

  • barry robinson

    nice prize cheers guys

  • Paula Harvey

    My daughter Jessie!

  • trevor linvell

    My girlfriend Jess

  • Nancy Bradford

    I’ll share them with my 27 year old daughter x

  • Karen Liffchak

    Definitely my mum because of all the help and advice she has given me with my little boy.

  • Mandy Grose

    Definately my mum, she’s been pretty ill recently and it would cheer her up

  • Id share it with my mum 😀

  • Victoria Thurgood

    my sister

  • ykellock

    My 20 year old daugher but she’ll probably end up with them all!

  • kirsty h

    Mother in law. x

  • Denielle Nicol

    My best friend

  • Claire Thomson Little

    my mum 🙂

  • Keeley Shaw

    My little sister x

  • Kiran Parry

    My mam