September’s BirchBox and Why I’ve Cancelled.

Just a warning that this is going to be a fairly negative post.
For those who don’t know what a Birchbox is, it’s a box containing a selection of different brands that is delivered to your door every month for £12.95. It contains a lot of the latest beauty products as well, which means you get to try new and different things. I’ve only had 3 Birchboxes, before ordering my first one I didn’t know too much about the different ones on offer. After research I gathered that the Birchbox offers a lot of high end brands that I might not otherwise be able to afford. This pushed me into the Birchbox even more.
With my first box I was rather pleased as I found a new daily necessity in it – the beauty protector spray. Apart from this, the box was all sample sizes, fortunately it did contain one full size product, which I didn’t like. The rest of the box has sadly been given away as it just wasn’t for me at all.

My second box was ridiculously disappointing, again it contained all sample sizes. A lip pen that smelt like burning plastic, facial creams I’ve never heard of, and stuff I just generally don’t like/need. Again half of the box was given away.
September's BirchBox 2013
Finally, this month’s box was no exception! With 2 full size products I guess I should be more grateful, but it doesn’t seem like my personal choices were taken into consideration at all. I received a ‘Party proof’ lipstick in a dark brown shade, that’s overly glossy and easily smudge. It’s possibly TEA party proof at a push and definitely not in a shade that my beauty profile should say.

A coral nail varnish colour from B., a very inexpensive brand that I can find at my local Superdrug. Definitely not my colour at all.
A TINY sample of Bioderma water, I was pleasantly surprised by it, although after I had tried it, there wasn’t enough in the bottle to take before/after photos properly.
Molton Brown for the second month running, I’m not a massive fan of the brand so to see it for a second month was a massive disappointment.
Aromatherapy body gel, this smells exactly the same as Liz Earle’s hip and thigh gel, which works in the same way. I love Liz Earle so again I wasn’t thrilled to see an imitation of it.
Last and actually least, a very small sample piece of white chocolate. I HATE white chocolate.Now most of this could have been incidental, they’re not to know. But compared to some of the other beauty boxes, which seem to be containing several full sized products consistently every month, I will no longer be subscribing to Birchbox.