HALLOWEEN IS HERE! Scary Vampire Makeup Look

If you’re new to She Might Be Loved, Halloween is a big thing here, well, that’s an understatement as it’s actually a HUGE event. The first year I started blogging, I took part in a Halloween series called Halloweek and went a little crazy with constantly creating looks and last year was no exception. I thank Halloween for letting me unleash my full creativity and I’ve really been looking forward to Halloween, basically since it finished last year. The last couple months have been beyond hectic and I really did plan to be a lot more organised and have plenty of looks ready for October, but as life has been that busy, it’s going to have to be a lot more spontaneous than I wanted. Maybe that will be a good thing? We’ll see.
My first Halloween look is inspired by a zombie looking evil vampire I saw on Pinterest, mixed with the Bride of Frankenstein, with a little bit of my favourite ‘pretty Halloween’ look thrown in. I don’t really like to make myself look purposely ‘ugly’ as my Mum always points out, so we call them the pretty Halloween looks. Although this one is meant to be scary, using my own teeth which normally I try to hide, made me laugh too much to be scary with them. But don’t they make a good prop? I should play Vampire more often!


Evil Vampire Halloween Makeup, Georgina Georgina, shemightbeloved


Let’s get onto the more important things, what did I use and how? Ok, so if you’re knew or only look at the photos in my Halloween posts, you’ll not know that I hate using expensive products on these looks. Simply because, I use a lot of makeup for them, and the expensive brands aren’t always the best for what I need. In fact, if I added up all the products used in this look they’d probably come under £20 minus the foundation, but don’t hold me to that as I don’t do maths for fun.

Evil Vampire Halloween Makeup, Georgina Georgina, shemightbeloved

Evil Vampire Halloween Makeup, Georgina Georgina, shemightbeloved

So, the base is Le Mac Pro (the only expensive product) mixed with Makeup Revolution Eyeshadows on a palette and applied with a Nanshy Foundation Brush.
Contoured with more Makeup Revolution Eyeshadows, a mixture of several blue from different palettes.
Eyebrows and eyeshadow is also Makeup Revolution, the Give them Nightmares palette.
Black lipstick was a nightmare, that’s not a product name I just didn’t have one to hand and had to use Makeup Revolution Felt Liner with black eyeshadow on to darken it more.
The veins were made with a very thin detailer brush from Nanshy and Freedom Makeup Lip Stain.
False eyelashes are Eyecandy, just a cheap dramatic pair and the mascara is Max Factor False Lash Effect, my favourite.


For my first look of the year, I’m quite happy! What do you think? Is this one you’d consider for Halloween?

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