Scarlett & Jo Midnight Lace Tunic

Scarlett and Jo have already impressed most plus size bloggers for their powerfit dresses as they have an amazing range of colours and styles that are designed to slim down a figure and make women feel more confident. With cutting edge styles that are meant to suit a fuller figure I couldn’t wait to wear this Tunic. It’s shorter at the front and longer at the back, it’s a little too short at the front for my legs but I still like it with leggings. Like most people, there are certain parts I like to keep covered up, my arms for one, so having lace arms allows me to do that in a way where I don’t have to completely hide myself under a cardigan.
scarlett and jo tunic dress
I got this in a size 20 and it’s very true to size, I even think I could have got away with an 18 if I wanted it slightly shorter. It’s incredibly comfortable on the arms and high enough to not show anything but not too high to make me feel ‘frumpy’, which can sometimes happen being bigger chested. One downside is that the lace has started to fray underneath the arms, nothing too noticeable but for £35 I will definitely be taking it back. Hopefully it was just a faulty item as the Scarlett and Jo range is known for good quality items that last. Teamed with my Yours Clothing belt (where you can get £10 off £20+ orders with ‘BLOGGER3’) this has soon become an item that I’ll grab for a casual yet dressy day out. I’ll just make my hair bigger and put on a more dramatic lipstick like MAC Diva in the picture and I’m ready to go almost anywhere.

This tunic comes in red, green, purple and dark blue which I’m wearing. It looks fantastic in all the colours and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Scarlett and Jo bring out as so far, it’s amazing. It’s brilliant finally seeing someone making clothes FOR bigger people rather than just making clothes bigger. Not every style or print suits bigger women and it’s about time more brands started to realise it. Scarlett and Jo may be a little pricey but if you’re looking for a staple dress it’s definitely a brand to try. You can find them in your nearest Evans.