21st Birthday Dress – The Scarlett & Jo Green Velvet Maxi!

It’s been 11 days since I last blogged, I’ve actually never gone this amount of time but my body really needed some time out. Hopefully I should be finding out soon what is causing this unbearable back pain and start on a pain management regime that helps me get back on track so I can blog and go about daily life again, but for now, bare with me.
Today is my Birthday and I’m 21! My family and I celebrated at the Casino last night (we’re not really into gambling, but the food and atmosphere is amazing) and this weekend we’re heading off to Liverpool for our annual Christmas Party and Birthday meal with my dad’s family. Of course, a Birthday this big deserves dresses to wow, and Scarlett & Jo, as always, hooked me up. Every now and again I think about changing up my style and trying something different, and then when I look around the internet it’s clear that there’s only one place that is truly understanding plus women and how to make them look and feel fabulous.
Scarlett & jo, plus size clothing
That’s always something I say when talking about Scarlett & Jo, ‘look and feel fabulous’, but I’ve see it happen so many times now, where women will try on their first S&J dress and fall in love. My Mum is an amazing example who now lives in S&J pieces and constantly goes on about the ‘waist she never had’ from how the dresses are designed. I knew that for my birthday, no other company could make me feel as glamorous as Scarlett & Jo, and I’m now so conflicted on what my favourite dress is from them! Being a blue girl, I saw the green and thought ‘that’s beautiful, but is it me?’, it turns out, hell yes!
Not only was my ‘makeup on point’ that my dad pointed out several times (he’s been trained well), but this Green Velvet Side Slit Maxi from Scarlett & Jo, is absolutely stunning. Scarlett & Jo now have their very own, beautiful website where you can buy directly from them. They have the S&J club where you can get 10% off, or 20% off with a membership all year round too, making sure that women will always have glamorous choices.
Scarlett & jo, plus size clothing
Scarlett & jo, plus size clothing
Scarlett & jo, plus size clothing
The Green Velvet Side Split Maxi (modelled on the website by my beautiful friend Hayley) is £70, don’t blink an eyelid at the price though, if you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that my first velvet maxi dress from S&J is still being worn every couple of months. It’s in incredible condition, the fit is amazing and I still feel magnificent in it. Scarlett&Jo.com will be talked about further in a future post, but I also wanted to mention the dress I wanted to wear for the Casino, but it ended up looking far more amazing on my Mum instead! Marie is becoming quite the fashionista. Mum wore the Tuxedo Side Split Maxi from Scarlett & Jo’s range at Yours Clothing, the Once Upon a Time range. At £59 it is an absolute steal to look killer to any event. Both wearing a size 20, as S&J is incredibly true to size, size up if you want a little extra room, or stick to your size for a figure hugging dress.
I was also wearing my beautiful new necklace from House of Fraser, which retails at £29. I was a little disappointed when it arrived as it didn’t look as lovely as on the website, but when it was on and in photos, it certainly adds a little extra wow-factor.
Both mum and I felt incredible, I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t leave this dress for the Christmas Party this weekend now, but I have something even hotter in my wardrobe (and a dress that was designed especially for me!) so stay tuned for that.
Have you been on Scarlett&Jo.com yet? What are you waiting for!?
Thank you once again to Gifi and the Scarlett & Jo team for ensuring that I always look glamorous wherever I go.
  • rachh1994

    Happy 21st Birthday! Hope you had an amazing day and you look absolutely amazing in that dress, also your Mum is rocking the tuxedo dress! xo


  • kitty kaos

    I hope you had a brilliant birthday and you look gorgeous as always xx


  • You look incredibe as always, I adore the colour!

  • Mel

    Happy belated birthday! You look amazing in that dress, I can’t wait to see which one you wear for Christmas.