Scarlett & Jo Blue PU Trim Fit And Flare Tunic

Scarlett and Jo are slowly taking over my wardrobe and I really don’t mind it at all. If anything, I am completely encouraging it as this was a little present for my Birthday. It’s taken me a while to blog about it due to all the pretty dresses lately, but I finally got some decent (windswept) photos in it before a shopping trip last week. The Scarlett & Jo Blue PU Trim Fit And Flare Tunic is the perfect blue shade to really make you stand out and make a statement. It has a PU Trim at the top and is just a tad too high to show any cleavage.
I’m wearing a 22 here and it’s the perfect fit as the material does cling a little. It does look and feel more comfortable with shape wear or some sort of smoothing underwear as it can and will show any pant/bra lines whether you want it to or not. Scarlett and Jo are always very true to size which is why I find them so reliable to shop with. I even picked this up in red for part of my Mum’s Christmas presents, and I hope that if I ever changed my red hair, she’ll still have it so I can rock it too.
Scarlett & Jo Blue PU Trim
For once I’m not wearing a belt, but as this dress is a ‘fit and flare’ it does mean that it comes in at the waist on its own, before flaring back out. Meaning for belt lovers, we don’t have to worry about being unshapely. I decided to wear my Debenhams shapewear (which is pretty incredible), Evans leggings and a Newlook bag. It was the day my Dad and I were taking photos for the Christmas Gift Guide we made together, so I wanted a fairly easy outfit that wouldn’t annoy me at all, or make me too hot walking around Meadowhall.
The 3/4 sleeves on Scarlett and Jo‘s dresses make me ridiculously happy as I love having my arms covered, without having to wear too many layers. The dress on my 5’3 frame is just below knee level, again making it the perfect height for anyone who’s a little taller or shorter than me as well.
Scarlett & Jo Blue PU Trim


 If you look closely you’ll be able to see two lines going down each side of the dress, which cleverly draw in the fabric and make it slim my silhouette down to appear more hour glass. I love the clever designs behind Scarlett and Jo’s dresses and I love how this made me look in the unwanted close up my Dad insisted on!


There are some crazy sales on at Evans right now and on Scarlett and Jo too, so be sure to go check them out! There’s also some pretty exciting news coming up, but I don’t like revealing things until I’m practically half way through them, so stay tuned!
What do you think to Scarlett and Jo?
PS. Not Sponsored, I just really love their dresses.
  • What a gorgeous dress: the colour and lace insert are amazing!



  • Fabulous, you look great. Must check these out next time I pass an evans xx

  • The colour of this dress is stunning and goes perfectly with your hair! I love it!
    You look fab – I love the subtle lace detail.
    Would love for you to enter my Urban Decay giveaway 🙂
    Daniela xo |

  • Meaghan

    I adore pieces that are constructed like this. They are so universally flattering. Xx

  • I loooove this dress!

  • Alexandra Baltazar

    I love this outfit, you are super fashion! And seriously, your dress are beautiful, I love the colour. Sorry for my english, if I say something wrong because I am portuguese…
    I have a blog too, but in portuguese, if you can visit I’ll stay really happy.

    Blog Alexandra’s World

  • That’s a beautiful dress and you look great in it. The colour is fantastic and I love the black lace detail.