Are Rubis Tweezers Better than Tweezerman?

There was a time where I didn’t even know about Tweezerman. I was just using any old tweezers from a shop that looked half decent. I didn’t realise there were pairs that would make life quicker and easier, I was ignorant. Then I started to work with Tweezerman and receive their new collections, and now I’m a massive fan. Just in one pot I have 7 pairs of Tweezerman, lots have been stolen by my mum, some have probably been lost or left in another room for convenience. Tweezerman have the normal style of flat edge tweezers, as well as a pointed precision tweezer (these are actually my favourites for putting lashes on) and they really are fantastic, streamline, thin tip, and amazing at plucking hairs with precision.

We are indeed a house of Tweezerman but something arrived a couple weeks ago that has changed the game completely. A very impressive email arrived talking about Rubis Tweezers, Bobbi Brown describe them as the ‘Ferrari of Tweezers’ and it’s said that don’t disappoint. Obviously every company bigs up their own products, so I needed to try them out for myself.

In short, they’ve not left my side. Rubis Tweezers are seriously impressive. Mind blowing, game changing, and I cannot recommend them enough. They’re actually individually crafted underneath a magnifying glass, ensuring that each pair is absolute perfection. They’re also rustproof, and made from surgical stainless steel, to demonstrate their Swiss quality. Rubis flat edge are so much thinner than Tweezerman it’s actually ridiculous to look at the difference.

The Classic Red Pair are shown above and the retail at £19.50 which is around the same price as a pair of Tweezerman. Which means I am a complete convert and I’d happy pay £20 for a pair this good. But I will be sticking with Rubis forever!

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