River Island Plus Size Collection

There’s so many items of the River Island Plus Collection that I love and actually want in my life, but these two really didn’t wow me. Unfortunately sometimes I don’t get to pick exactly what I want to review, it sucks, because then reviews like this happen and I hate not having that complete control. For the sake of not sounding totally down about the dresses, I’ll ignore what they actually look like on me and talk about the fit and quality instead. Side note – these dresses do look amazing on everyone else I’ve seen them on, but you all know me and my favourite styles by now, I’ve looked a lot better!

Both the dresses are no longer on the website so this is making my life and job really easy right now. There is the black version of the maxi available HERE, and to be honest, it looks like a summer staple with a double side split and bardot neckline – it’s beautiful. The print version? A bit too busy on me.

River Island Plus River Island PLus River Island Plus River Island Plus
They’re both size 20s and they’re very true to size, I’m usually wearing a 22 now for comfort with my back pain so I was really surprised at the generous fit. Not generous enough to size down but you definitely don’t need to mess around sizing up and that’s a breath of fresh air for a new plus collection.

Back when I could fit in River Island’s main range I loved how edgy and fun everything was, it was such a trendy shop back then and I’m a little sad that it hasn’t translated as well into the plus range. Sure, there’s some incredible pieces like the Black Lace Dress you’ll have seen everywhere but there’s literally just a few killer pieces and the rest doesn’t do much for me at all, sure for basics – but I wouldn’t go to River Island for basics. As the new collection is rolling in it’s definitely getting better and if they keep at this pace, they’ll make a lot of people very happy!

These dresses are two different materials completely and at around the £30 mark, they definitely seem worth the money. I can’t fault the quality or fit at all.

I would love to try more from River Island Plus, I think it has a lot of potential, it’s just a shame these didn’t suit me at all.



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  • I honestly love that first dress on you. I like the size of the flowers and the color is really pretty.

  • I think both the dresses are really pretty, I especially love the white one. But I agree with you, that the flowery one looks too busy on you, I think it might be too much against your hair colour :/

  • Michelle Stokes

    I love the red dress on you (not keen on the white one though) it’s so summery. I didn’t realise that River Island done plus sizes I must seek them out!

  • Lisa Debz

    I love the red one. Never been a lady in red before