Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara.

I very rarely move away from Max Factor mascaras but I thought seen as the Rimmel London Scandaleyes was new, and only £5 from Asda, why not?

I have very long lashes and thought that a big brush like this would be fantastic to coat them really well, but unlike Max Factor mascaras, this one isn’t very structured at all, more feathered. Which meant it unevenly coated them all, caked my lashes in parts and barely covered the rest. But I persevered and put another couple of coats on, trying to even it out.

The results may not look drastically bad but if you’ve seen my lashes before they’re a lot more even. It did absolutely nothing for my bottom lashes, it just made them very uneven.
It’s meant to make your lashes ‘soft and flexible’, it certainly did this but it just wasn’t good at coating the eyelash or guiding them into a nice shape. I’ll probably just use a different brush with the liquid as I hate wasting things.


rimmel london scandaleyes mascara
(Picture of mascara is from google)
I would definitely not recommend this mascara at all and I would never rebuy it.