Richard Ward Keratin Collection

If you are expecting me to be writing about hair products that are amazing on red hair, this is unfortunately not the case, but instead I’ll redirect you to my How To Maintain Red Hair post, whilst I address the easier life’s of people without red hair. For all you carefree people, with clean pillows and unstained towels, Richard Ward’s Keratin Restore Shampoo* is definitely for you. This shampoo will help to restore your hair and leave a lustrous shine. Keratin is a ‘hero’ ingredient as it is a natural protein that binds with your hair to protect and help to rebuild fibres whilst retaining the shine. For best results (I sound like the back of the bottle), team it with the conditioner* for ridiculously soft hair.  The also both include Chicory which invigorates strength in your hair and Yucca Vera which revives suppleness and helps create a natural shine. As I said, it’s not amazing on red hair, but it does leave my hair feel soft and moisturised. At £5.99 they are a little pricier than your average supermarket shampoo, but if you have dry or damaged hair then they are amazing for giving your hair a helping hand.
Richard Ward Keratin Shampoo, conditioner,
I was also sent two masks along with the Shampoo and Conditioner, the first being Richard Ward’s Keratin Rehab*. This mask is for moisturising and intensely rejuvenating the hair. The instructions say to use this after shampooing and on wet hair apply a generous amount through the mid-length and leave for 5 minutes, or for an intense treatment, leave it on for 30 minutes. I’m not a fan of using hair masks on wet hair as I feel like it creates a barrier, so I tried this on dry hair but it sank in really fast and didn’t feel comfortable at all. I’d definitely stick to the instructions with this one. It makes your hair feel soft and shiny.
Richard Ward Keratin Shampoo, conditioner,
The next treatment was the Richard Ward Keratin Luminiser* which is meant to be clarifying and colour brightening. (I know, I know, I should have stayed away.) You should only leave this mask on for a couple minutes and use every two weeks. This mask would be great on Blonde hair, or hair that would like ‘brightening’, but alas, we didn’t get on either. Sure it made my hair shiny, but it wasn’t super moisturising at all.
Richard Ward Keratin Shampoo, conditioner,

I may take a little break from Haircare reviews as my red locks just aren’t getting the TLC they truly need. However, for my non-red head readers, I’d definitely recommend the shampoo and conditioner to try out! Everything in the Richard Ward Keratin Collection is £5.99 each.

Have you tried Richard Ward’s haircare before? What did you think?