REVIV CoQ10+ Power Booster Shot – AD

I was so excited to be invited to the launch of the new CoQ10+ Power Fitness Booster Shot. It’s exclusive to REVIV and can help everything from performance in sports, to speeding recovery and reducing fatigue. Obviously having chronic pain and a partially broken body, this is something I’m seriously interested in.

In the past REVIV has been known for producing IV infusions and booster shots but this really is a step up with their case studies said to be feeling more alive, refreshes and energised after just one shot! It’s quite fancy in how it works as it’s vitamins and supplements that are way more efficient than the ones you can take orally. The provide longer lasting results than coffee, or energy drinks and that’s because they’re injected directed into the body. Therefore, they should keep you feeling energised for up to 5 days!

REVIV CoQ10+ Power Booster Shot

Obviously I’m not one for extreme or competitive sports so looking at it from the chronic pain side the CoQ10+ works in several ways. It produces energy for cell growth and maintenance, whilst reducing stress in the body and boosting the immune system.

The Co-Enzyme Q10 is actually found in every cell of the body and your body produces it. Therefore injecting more increases the beneficial effects as they can be done exactly where they’re needed, meaning the body will function at it’s maximum capacity. It’s a blend of high doses of B and C vitamins to help boost you.


REVIV offer single CoQ10+ Booster Shots at £49 each, but they also offer discounted packages at 5 for £200 and 10 for £300!


This post is a collaboration with REVIV.