Real Techniques Nic’s Picks – A Negative Review?

I really thought I would love this set, well every brush apart from the duo-fiber brush, but I ended up not having many positive things to say about this set at all. The new Real Techniques Brush Set, Nic’s Picks, is a limited edition set at £29.99 that includes 3 exclusive brushes, the cheek brush, angled shadow brush and the eyeliner brush. After tweeting my dissatisfaction, a lot of people wanted a full post about the brushes as they were on their Christmas lists and well, I just couldn’t be responsible for that many unhappy people.
Upon arrival, I was even more disappointed with the look of the duo-fiber brush as it’s really not something that interests me or that I would use, and in person, it just looks sparse and inadequate. With a face brush, I like a lot of soft bristles that I know will dispense the products evenly and efficiently across my face, with the duo-fibre brush, it actually soaks up the moisture that you may be powdering and drags it along. Creating uneven lines across your face. Obviously, if you like a very natural (partially streaky) look, this brush will work fine, but I wear quite a bit of makeup and I want it to look flawless. I knew I wouldn’t like the brush, I just didn’t imagine to this extent. This is probably the worst of the set and alone the brush would probably retail for around £8-£9 based on the prices of the others? Making it a complete waste of money in my eyes.

Real Techniques Nic's Picks

Knowing how much Pixiwoo love their eyebrows, especially Nic, I really thought the eyebrow/eyeliner brush would be amazing, but it’s pretty average. If you like your reviews sprinkled in positivity, I would step away from the screen right about now. It’s a great little brush if you don’t mind your cream/liquid products to not be perfectly sharp. But as an eyeliner brush, that’s kind of the point. The brush is a little thicker at the base and the hair are a little too fluffy on the end, even when soaked in product (not literally). My brush has even started to shed already making it virtually impossible to get a good line. For an eyebrow brush it is equally disappointing with a pomade but works well when you just want to brush a little powder across. It’s also okay for feathering, but note ‘okay’ and not ‘amazing. Moving on…..
The exclusive cheek brush looked like it would also be incredible and it’s actually not bad. I found the same problem as the duo-fiber brush, but instead of being light and sparse, the cheek brush is really thick and soft, and actually tends to cling to moisture. When using this on a heavy base I’ve noticed it does move my foundation a little and can apply products very heavily. It’s not amazing at blending as it holds onto so much colour that it really doesn’t help. I’ve been applying foundation with it instead and it’s not terrible for getting the base on, but you do have to blend out the streaky lines afterwards.
Real Techniques Nic's Picks
Another exclusive was the angled shadow brush that I actually quite like. I know, shock horror. Normally brushes of this shape just annoy me, but I actually found myself creating a smokey eye in seconds. The angle is perfect to get the product right where you want it and blend out with ease. Real Techniques, despite the occasional shedding brush, normally get eye brushes spot on so I was really pleased over this. Another brush is the Base Shadow brush that is already part of the Real Techniques collection and is known to be a good little brush, I won’t contest that. I have several myself and use them daily.
For me, two, maybe three of these brushes were a complete waste of money, making the £30 set seem not as good value for money (which it’s already pricier than the other sets at £20). So, unless duo fiber brushes are your calling, you like soft brows or wonky eyeliner and a very heavy blush, I’d ask Santa for one of the other Real Techniques sets. Preferably the core collection with the contour brush as that is a piece of magic.
I went there, I gave Real Techniques a negative review. But, as always, this doesn’t mean that you won’t love the set, so if you had your heart set on it. go for it! Don’t forget to let me know what you think below….
  • I wasn’t floored when I spotted this set in stores, so I haven’t bought it so far. Out of curiosity, do you know if the exclusive cheek brush is comparable to the multi task brush that’s in the travel essentials set? I have that one already and don’t love it, and I think one of the reasons I dismissed Nic’s Picks was that it looked similar. I find it to be both dense and big for my cheeks.

  • Kate Musgrove

    Its such a shame your not fond of the set and it didn’t work for you. I don’t have plans to purchase this set, in comparison to Sam’s picks it doesn’t wow me x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  • Kelly mac

    Omg thank you for this. I felt the exact same and thought maybe I was crazy. I normally love RT so this was a big disappointment for me. I also think the quality just feels really cheap too! I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Thank you for your honesty as most bloggers have been giving it a positive review ! X

  • I saw the brush set in Superdrug, and upon closer inspection, I put the sucker down. The brushes didn’t look good to me at all, so I never bothered to purchase it. So glad my thoughts echoed your own.

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty Blog ~

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  • Never tried the real techniques brushes even with all the great reviews it gets. But it just shows how what works for some doesn’t work for everyone.

  • I have this brush set and actually really like it?? It worked really well for me, I only ever apply a tiny amount of powder so I found the face brush quite good for that. Also babe use the eyeliner brush for your eyebrows, it defines my brows amazingly. I haven’t tried it for eyeliner but now I know it’s probably not gonna be cut out for that. Well done you for sharing your honest thoughts though 🙂

    Lots of Love, Abby x x


  • Kathryn

    It seems like this set is a bit of a let down compared to their original lines. I do love my powder brush and buffing brush from RT.
    Kathryn / Cherries in the Snow

  • Ah dear, I saw this in Superdrug today & thought it looked good! Now I think it’ll be a no no choice x

  • Just bought the set on offer at Superdrug. Only tried the cheek brush and it’s not blown me away as I thought it would. I think the eye brushes will be more versatile but as I paid £20 for the set and I really wanted to try a RT set I thought this would be a good introduction. Hope I’m not thoroughly disappointed 🙂

  • Really interesting to read a negative review on these to be quite honest! I’m a huge lover of RT and I was intent on putting this set on my Christmas list until I found the bargain brush set I reviewed here: 🙂

  • I really like this brush set but I appreciate that you spoke honestly about your experience! I feel like a lot of the bigger UK bloggers seem more concerned about maintaining their relationship with brands than being honest with their readers. Glad to know I can actually trust your reviews 🙂 xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  • This set looks so nice! However, I love your honest review about it. I love the fact that you write you sincere words in this post which is so hard to find in these days. xx

  • Abi

    It’s so nice to read an honest review! I feel like some bloggers sugar coat the facts so that they don’t upset anyone, but I love your honesty! Abi x

  • I am always so grateful for honest reviews like this!

    I actually was thinking of picking this up for myself, but hadn’t tried anything from them except the Core collection and Silicone Liner, both of which I love, but was after a face and blush brush! I’ll be steering clear of the set now I think, and will just look for stand alone brushes! Any recommendations RT or not? 🙂

  • I asked for the review and I’m thankful for reading your honest opinion. At least I know what I won’t get from RT. xx

    Mary Bloomy

  • I really appreciate your honesty in this post! 🙂 It’s great to read peoples’ unique experiences with a product – positive or negative 🙂