Ray-bans Cat Eyes from Sunglasses Shop

After what seemed like an eternal wait, it has finally been sunny enough to try out my new beautiful pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop and my new summer gear from Newlook! I never feel prepared for Summer, the truth is, I just adore Autumn and Winter far too much to start wearing sunglasses or applying the sunblock. I would usually rather ignore the sun and wait for the leaves to fall again. This year, I’ve been the opposite, splashing about in rivers and sunbathing at the first sign of heat, has completely changed my outlook on the upcoming hotter months. So much so, that I’m even heading abroad!
I will obviously be taking along my new favourite cat eye sunglasses at £113. The distinct retro designed frame allows them to really set your face and give a quirky look. I love the shape of these glasses are they are too much of a cat eye design that they make my fatter face look even rounder, instead, the straight top and pointed edge helps define my cheeks a little more, and depending on what face I pull, I can still show off my eyebrows!
Sunglasses Shop


(Wearing my new Scarlett & Jo maxi.)
I’ve reviewed Sunglasses Shop in the past and they remain one of the best places to buy your eye protection from as they have such a wide range of brand at affordable prices. In fact, these specific Ray-Ban glasses are meant to retail at £130 but they have a price match guarantee! That’s quite a little saving and as a true bargain hunter, who won’t order anything without a discount code, I appreciate this guarantee. Sunglasses Shop some of the biggest names in eyewear, including Ray-Bans (obviously), Michael Kors, Dior and so many more.
As the sun was shining it was time to try out my new bikini from Newlook and to be honest, I haven’t really owned one in years. I have complete mixed feeling as I adore the
Inspire Black Ruched Bikini Bottoms at £12.99, they’re so comfy and despite not being high waisted, they make me feel confident enough not to care! I love them so much that I occasionally sleep in them as I love how snug they make me feel, and they look quite hot on if I do say so myself.
Ray-bans Cat Eyes from Sunglasses Shop, newlook inspire, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Ray-bans Cat Eyes from Sunglasses Shop, newlook inspire, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
However, the biggest disappointment I have ever tried from Newlook came from the matching Inspire Black Halterneck Bikini Top at £17.99. I think we can all agree that from the picture, there looks like there’s going to be some sort of structure to it, right? Wrong. There’s nothing, no support, no wiring, no padded cups, a 20 didn’t my 38GG/40Fs at all. All I got was neck ache and back fat I didn’t even know I had due to the back of the bra being so thin and it needed to be tied incredibly tight to do anything. If you’re after a supportive bikini top then I’d definitely head somewhere like Bras Galore where they have tonnes of brands and sizes to pick between. Thankfully my new Inspire White LA Vest (at £7.99 in a size 20) is, as always with Newlook’s tops, comfy and is spot on with sizing!

Are you excited for Summer?

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  • You look absolutely gorgeous! You always wear the prettiest clothing xxxx

  • Ahh I love this shape of sunglasses! You look fab!



  • Oh my, the Sunglasses Shop would be a dream collaboration for me because I’m a huge Ray Ban fan! I bought my first pair two years ago in the classic Wayfarer style. I love the way they look, the quality, and the fact they will never go out of fashion.

  • Those sunglasses look lovely on you! I am definitely ready for summer now, I can’t wait for the hotter months. Lovely post! – Tasha

  • Ooo these are soo cute! Love sunglasses like these with abit of the cat eye shape! Xxx

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