QVC’S SPECIAL VALUE: Time Bomb 4 Piece Skin-Novations Anti-Ageing Collection

Who doesn’t love QVC? Every now and again there’s something on  ‘Today’s Special Value’ that you simply CAN NOT MISS and today, it’s the Time Bomb 4 Piece Skin-Novations Anti-Ageing Collection. SUPER SIZED products *not the ones in MY photos, they’re normal sized* for a seriously low price. Usually the Super sized versions of these 4 incredible products would be £76, but today, it’s £46!

Time Bomb is a seriously impressive range and I’ve absolutely adored everything I’ve used. My Mum personally saw spectacular results with one of the products listed in today’s special value.

The Supersize Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue is quite frankly why you cannot miss out on this deal. Often we’re told that the effects of sun damage on a décolletage is irreversible – but not any more. After just a few weeks of use, my Mum saw an incredible difference in the texture and discolouration caused by sun damage. She’s over the moon that she’s not got another, but I’d love to see her face with a Super sized version. She’d practically look 12 again! Obviously a slight exaggeration… 

It also contains:

  •  Supersize Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream
  • Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H2omega
  • Powerball Intensive MoisturiserI’ve only had the chance to try out the Complexion Cocktail as quite honestly my skin doesn’t need them the others, so my mum (Marie) will be trying these and you’ll find out what she thinks soon enough. I’m particularly interested in the Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream, which seems like the perfect back up to the Sun Damage Rescue. It’s described as the ‘hero’ product which helps the appearance and elasticity in targeted areas, fantastic for those who feel like they may not be as defined.

Time Bomb 4 Piece Skin-Novations Anti-Ageing Collection Time Bomb 4 Piece Skin-Novations Anti-Ageing Collection


The Complexion Cocktail is heavenly, it feels so ridiculously hydrating for a water. I find they normally dry my skin out but this just feels like a treatment, a very deep nourishing treatment. It’s full of coconut oil, and two hyaluronic acids, meaning whatever you put on next will really get to work.

To put it into context of how great of a deal this really is, the normal sized version of Sun Damage Rescue is £39 alone. If you buy this now, you’ll get a SUPER SIZED version of it, plus 4 other super sized product. The value for money here is unbelievable and very tempting for my mum’s birthday!

Let me know if you snap up this deal!



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