QVC’s Color Wow Must Have Kit!

Color wow is by far the most important thing that you need in your life if you have coloured hair, especially red hair. The amount of colour loss I have with other shampoos compared to this one is quite honestly, ridiculous! Even if the brand is meant to be colour protecting, no brand is on the same level as Color wow. You’ll know them from the root coverup advert that has been everywhere the last year, and now there’s the QVC’s Color Wow Must Have Kit that I can’t recommend snapping up enough. It’s the launch of Color Wow’s Non-Stop WOW – a 4 Piece Color Keeper Kit with QVC that is only £30, saving you a massive £47.50!! Double exclamation mark that huge deal. It launched on the 1st of November and is running for 3 months, so there’s still plenty of time.
QVC's Color Wow Must Have Kit!
As I mentioned, the ‘much-mimicked-but-never-matched’ multi award-winning Root Cover Up. at £28.50 is designed to camouflage root regrowth in between salon appointments and works a real treat. After trying the root cover up myself, I am beyond impressed. I only wish it came in bright red! The red is close enough if I have roots, but this powder is just so flawless that it’d be perfect for those with unusual hair colours such as purple, green, etc too. It’s actually pool proof, and it only comes out when it’s shampoo, which is even more impressive considering how seriously handy that is for being caught in the rain too.

The Color Wow Shampoo at 16.50 for 250ml, is something that I have really raved about in the past and continue to do so. It’s a sulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t contain any ingredients like silicones, conditioning agents, gums or agents that can dull or darken hair colour, and it’s the only shampoo I trust to take to hotels so I don’t leave the bathroom looking like a murder scene. Their Color Security Conditioner at £16.50 for 250ml is equally as amazing, but I find myself using so much conditioner that often I run out of this too quickly. It cleverly contains a cuticle-closing, color-locking formula and none of the typical conditioning agents that can oxidise on the hair and turn it brassy. Aren’t they just utter perfection?

QVC's Color Wow Must Have Kit!

All of these products, the Shampoo, Root Touch Up, Conditioner and the One Minute Transformation at £16.50 for 120ml are included in the deal for £30. The cream is a ‘miracle-working styling cream’ that makes your hair glossy and more healthy-looking. It has a lightweight blend of humectants that penetrate hair to replace natural oils lost during styling and treatments, without weighing hair down. Now I know you’re probably thinking, please let them have more styling products as this company sounds amazing!? Well yes, they do! In fact, featured in the same photos is the brand new Color Wow Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac at  £14 for 55ml. It has hydrating ingredients to seal the cuticle and trap colour, moisture and lock out dryness whilst being optimised with an incomparable mirror-like shine. The formula creates a protective shellac on hair’s surface that makes colour pop on contact by containing mica for added shimmer and shine. Obviously being Color Wow, it also contains UV filter that add an extra layer of anti-fade protection.

I have so much love for Color Wow, I really trust this brand and it’s one that I actually do buy myself when I run out too.



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