Purple Leopard Print Makeup Look – Collab with Nails & Polkadots

This is a post that has had myself and Antonia from Nails and Polkadots really excited! A couple weeks ago Antonia and I started talking and she was incredibly kind enough to offer to design me, and my mum a set of her incredibly beautiful nails. Antonia has quite a following on her Instagram for her nail art and when you take a look, it’s not hard to see why, they’re absolutely out of this world. She also posts handy tutorials which make them look easy to do, but of course when you’re a professional like Antonia, it is effortless. When the nails arrived I was really impressed with how she had packaged them and even included glue and other nail tools. Currently Antonia doesn’t sell them, but I will continue to insist because they really are such high quality that I can see a lot of people wanting them! We decided to collaborate, you know me, I like my wild and over the top looks which meant this was the perfect excuse to get down and messy. Here’s what I ended up creating…..
Purple Leopard Print

*Do take into consideration that before you scrutinise any of my work that these photos are unedited with pieces of a failed glitter attempt hanging around and visible blemishes. I like now the images turned out, and I don’t own photoshop to even attempt it.*

Products used:
Illamasqua Skin Base 3.5 mixed with Illamasqua Rich Base in White.
Collection pressed powder in Ivory.
Illamasqua Powder eyeshadow in Wicked as a base to the purple.
MUA single eyeshadow Shade 18 (purple) all over.
MUA poptastic palette, blues, pinks and purples.
Elegant Touch Nail Art Kit for gemstones.
Red Cherry Lashes (think they’re 43)
Eye Candy individual Lashes on the bottom corner.
Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner.
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara.
MUA Black eye pencil.
Illamasqua Medium pencil in Honour on the lips.
Lush’s Confident Lipstick on top.
A mix of MUA’s pencil and Collection fast stroke were used for the leopard print.
Lots of Nanshy brushes were also used.

Purple Leopard Print

I really took advantage of my face shape with this look by really drawing in my cheeks and jawline making them appear much more dramatic and stand out more than they do. I started off by having a porcelain base where I added Wicked all over the parts where I wanted the leopard print and others colours to go. Next I started to carve in my features and blend purples, blues and pinks together. I must admit in the photo a lot of the colours seemed more blended than what they actually were, as it was quite a rainbow in real life. But I really love how this turned out and of course, you can see the beautiful nails in the photo also! This look did make me feel like a villain, which definitely comes across in my scowl. You can head over to Nails and Polkadots to find out all the details of the nails!

I’m also going to be creating another look for the nails that Antonia kindly designed for my mum, who is over the moon about them! Thank you, Antonia! And if you think she should open up a shop for these glorious nails then be sure to head over to her blog and tell her so!