Punky Pins Jewellery

I’m not someone who is known for wearing jewellery. As much as I adore how it looks on other people, and believe that it finishes off an outfit perfectly, I’ve never been one to go out of my way to put it on. Mainly because in my short time of this earth, I have often ended up breaking, losing, or no longer wearing a piece as it was from a past relationship. Now that I’m about to hit the big ’20’ (age, not size. I’m already there), I thought it was time to break the habit and start wearing more jewellery. Whether it be fancy pieces that I’ll wear on special occasions, like the one I just ordered from GemsTV, or quirky fun pieces I’ll wear everyday, like these from PunkyPins.

Punky Pins

When PunkyPins contacted me, I was a little skeptical as most of the site is quite quirky an fun, which isn’t entirely me. However, they have an amazing Alice in Wonderland Collection, including this adorable pair of Glittery Red Earrings. Glitter and red couldn’t be more me. They’re £4 and I’ve been wearing them constantly.
A new going out handbag essential is going to be this little Strawberry Pocket Mirror, it’s the perfect size but big enough to not get lost in drunken grabs into my bag to fix my face. I carry a much larger one around with me during the day, which means I can safely leave this in my going out bag and never have to worry about it.

Punky Pins
My favourite piece has got to be the Mirror Mirror necklace at £13. I can be ridiculously vain when I want to be, so everyone who knows me found this one really funny, as well as perfect for me. I’ve already had people asking where it’s from!

PunkyPins is affordable, trendy and they definitely have something for everyone, even jewellery-phobes like me.