Puffy Eye Solutions, Should You Save or Splurge? #FestivalSOSbox

This month I’m working with Voucher Codes to give you the low down on whether or not you should save or splurge on must needed #FestivalSOS products. First up we have puffy eye solutions, something that everyone is wanting these Summer months whether it be to mask hangovers, the signs of hay fever, or late nights. There are lots of routes you can do down, whether it’s something soothing, something with a little colour or both. I headed towards products that would calm the area as well as add a little pigment. First up is the saver product…
Puffy Eye Solutions, Should You Save or Splurge? Smashbox, Nip+Fix, garnier
The Garnier roll on is often on offer whether it be at Superdrug or Boots. I asked for the colour light however, the colouring of this was far much more of an orange pigment than I ever could have imagined. The consistency was very runny but it did have a slightly cooling effect. The orange pigment did work really well against any dark circles, however the consistency was hard to blend out without having to put a lot of products on top. This is definitely my second favourite due to the colouring and ease of the application.
Puffy Eye Solutions, Should You Save or Splurge? Smashbox, Nip+Fix, garnier
Nip+Fab Complexion Corrector Cream Eye Light, £6.99 from £9.99
It’s the first time I’ve tried anything from Nip+Fab and I’ve always assumed great things because of their beautiful and sleek packaging. You can only imagine my disappointment when this watery and transparent liquid came out that just happened to make my pasty complexion look ill and ghostly. The colouring was spot on for light, however it had no yellow or pink tones to it at all just white. The watery consistency means that it did feel a little cooling but I think that was just due to the liquid texture. Therefore this was certainly my least favourite and not a product I would recommend.
Puffy Eye Solutions, Should You Save or Splurge? Smashbox, Nip+Fix, garnier
But my winner has to be the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes SPF 15 in Light, £19
Despite the colour being more of a medium/bright orange, it blends incredibly and is so thick and creamy. It instantly hides dark circles with it’s peachy tones and blends in to even my pale complexion. It even has an SPF 15 which means the most sensitive part of your face is protected from the sun’s rays. So for me, if you’re looking to mask the signs on tiredness at a Festival this year then you definitely should splash out and invest in this high end product for your bag! It also comes in different shades including a lighter shade too.
Are you going to be trying any of these products? Look out for my other Save or Splurge posts coming this week!
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